Nobody knows anything about hitting


Well, some people do, but those guys seem to be pretty rare. Whenever most people talk about hitting, however, it seems to come out all funny, to the point where I think it’s just more about feel and fast-twitch muscles and spidey sense than it is about anything that can be articulated or taught.

Case in point: this harmless article about Ryan Raburn’s hitting approach. Read through it once and see if you take away the same “lesson” I did:

  • Rayburn says you shouldn’t go up and try to hit home runs, especially with runners on base;
  • He learned this by watching Miguel Cabrera, who is second in home runs in the AL and must hit a lot of them with runners on base because he leads the league in RBIs too;
  • You can’t go up there and swing at bad pitches — be selective;
  • He learned this from Johnny Damon, who says that pitchers like to pump that first strike in there, and boy howdy you have to pounce on it.

Know what? I think the best we can do with hitting advice is to tell guys to (a) be a good hitter; and (b) get hits.