Cardinals' Adam Wainwright: "I won't lose again"


Athletes sure do love making guarantees.

The Cardinals were defeated in decisive fashion Saturday by the Reds due in large part to a shaky performance by starter Adam Wainwright.  He allowed seven hits and five runs over five innings of work and has now surrendered at least four runs in each of his last three starts. 

Waino still owns a stellar 17-10 record, 2.34 ERA, 1.03 WHIP and 8.27 K/9 over 29 starts this season, but he is now officially struggling.  The tall righty hasn’t collected a win since August 11 and he’s leaving pitches up in the zone far too often. 

According to B.J. Rains of FOX Sports Midwest, Wainwright plans on making some changes before his next start.  He said he won’t lose another game this season.

“I don’t like losing one game much less four in a row,” Wainwright said. “I won’t lose again.”

That kind of confidence is admirable and Waino certainly has the goods to carry out the promise, but a “win” often requires offensive help and the Cardinals have struggled to score runs for a month now.  Whether he runs the table or nut, it’s probably time to stick a fork in this year’s edition of the Redbirds.