Josh Hamilton to receive another injection for sore knee


Josh Hamilton is DHing for a second straight day Tuesday and will be out of the lineup Wednesday to get an injection of Synvisc for his sore right knee.
It will be the fourth injection Hamilton has received in the knee over the course of the season. He received his first dose of Synvisc, a lubricating agent designed for people with osteoarthritis, back in April. In May and July, he received anti-inflammatory injections. He said he may receive a third anti-inflammatory injection later this season.
Hamilton says his sore knee is more of an issue on defense and the basepaths than it is in the batter’s box. Fortunately, since Vladimir Guerrero is healthy enough to play the field, the Rangers have the flexibility to use Hamilton in the DH spot and still keep their best lineup intact. Hamilton, though, has struggled in his limited action as a DH. He’s hit .237/.286/.342 in 10 games there.