Carlos Gonzalez hits a broken bat triple to bring the Rockies back from behind


In the recaps this morning I mentioned Carlos Gonzalez’ broken bat triple that won it for the Rockies last night and I asked how such a thing happens.  This is how it happens.  I’ll be damned. I saw Barry Bonds hit a broken bat homer once, but I’ve never seen something like that play before.

I feel bad for Cody Ross. Yes, you sure as hell can’t let something get over your head in the ninth inning of a one-run game, but instinct counts for something, right? Just about every player’s instinct upon hearing and seeing the bat break would be to come in fast, thinking that there’s no way the ball had any oomph on it coming off the bat.  Gonzalez’s ball just had extra oomph I guess.

While Ross looked bad — in fact, he looked like me on every ball that came my way while playing outfield back in my Babe Ruth days — the worst part of that play was Freddy Sanchez’s relay throw.  A good throw could have gotten Gonzalez, but hey, not all throws are good. What they’re not, however, are worm burners like Sanchez’s was.  That’s what allowed Gonzalez to score and thus lost the game.

Tough to take for Giants’ fans, especially on a night when the team could have gained ground on both the Phillies and the Padres.  But hey, sometimes freaky stuff goes down on a baseball diamond.