Updated major league logos


I pretty much stopped reading ESPN’s Page 2 when Hunter S. Thompson blew his head off — I think he would have wanted me to — but there’s something really good over there today: Updated MLB logos.  Each team’s, reimagined in such a way as to capture the essence of its bein’, ya know?

Here’s the National LeagueHere’s the American League.

Observations: the Mets one is dead perfect, and would have been even if K-Rod hadn’t socked the wife’s old man last night.  The Indians one, I presume, will be stolen by many a Cleveland-based sports blogger.  Most of the other ones are pretty clever too, though the Yankees is a bit too obvious.  Really, there has to be a way to take the piss out of that team these days without making an easy reference to their payroll, right?

That quibble aside, I judge the efforts to constitute near brilliance.