The Cubs may still be dealing


Yesterday’s trade of Mike Fontenot may not be the last deal the Cubs have up their sleeve:

”It’s hard to say if it’ll be the last one,” assistant general manager Randy Bush said after the trade that netted the Cubs outfield prospect Evan Crawford. ”Anything that we can do that we feel is to the betterment of the organization we’re going to continue to look at.”

The guys the Cubs probably most want to be rid of — Fukudome and Xavier Nady — are more than likely to clear waivers.  At this point you have to figure that the Cubs are primarily interested in emptying out the roster to make offseason planning easier than they are in saving money or getting much value in return, so I presume they’d pay most if not all of the salary on the guys they unload.

In which case Fukudome may actually be desirable for a contender, seeing as he’s one of those guys who isn’t useless, just way, way, way overpaid for what he is.