Hundreds treated for heat exhaustion during yesterday's Reds-Cards game


In my little riff on hot and humid ballparks this morning I left out Cincinnati.  It gets downright ugly there, and yesterday it was particularly bad:

Around 200 fans were treated for heat problems Wednesday during the
Cincinnati Reds/St. Louis Cardinals game at Great American Ball Park.

The game time temperature was 93 degrees, but it was much hotter in the concrete stands.

“Concrete just absorbs heat,” said Sean Brown, the Reds Director of
Ball Park Operations. “You’re looking at a 10 to 15 almost 20 degree
difference. So maybe it’s 113 degrees in places that have been in direct
sunlight. That’s pretty hot.”

“We’re seeing all kinds of things,” said Doug Harris, the Medical
Coordinator for Tri-Health, which oversees stadium medical care. “Most
of them are heat-related issues–a lot of dehydration and nausea.

I know travel and TV schedules strongly encourage daytime baseball on Wednesdays and Thursdays, but man, you wouldn’t catch me in Great American Ballpark on a 90+ degree day to save my life.