The White Sox are out of the mix on Adam Dunn


That’s what Buster Olney says, passing along what he says the White Sox are “saying internally.”  Which begs the question as to how he heard it, but hey, that’s how things work this time of the season.

Olney says that the teams most likely to do a deal for Dunn could be the Yankees or Rays, each of whom may like him in their lineup, but each of whom may also have just as much of an interest in keeping him out of the other’s lineup (that made sense, right? I’m a little punchy).

There have been whispers that the Rays are worried about a DH-type given their struggles with Pat Burrell. There have also been whispers that the Yankees want to keep the DH slot open to give their veterans a rest.

Is that all legit, or are the Rays and the Yankees playing a game of chicken with one another?