Take the ferry to Mets, Yankees games


There’s a new ferry service that takes fans from pier 11 in Manhattan to Yankee Stadium and Citi Field. Sponsored by Delta Airlines, the ferry makes it all the easier to get to Yankees and Mets games.  That is, if you don’t need to get back because it’s one way. And if you are one of the one quarter of one percent of the fans who can actually take the ferries, because they only hold about 140 people each.

But let us not disparage this marketing-opportunity-disguised-as-transportation-solution. Why? Because it’s unique! And if you don’t believe that, just ask Delta Airlines spokesman and Mets’ right fielder Jeff Francoeur, who attended today’s christening ceremony for the Mets ferry:

“Only in New York can you take boats to the stadium and walk right up,”
Francoeur said. “It’s a neat idea.”

Yeah, only in New York!  And San Francisco! And Washington!  And Pittsburgh! And probably a few other places!

Oh, brave new world . . .