It's OK for a steroid user to become a coach in the NFL


Romanowski AP.pngFOX’s Jay Glazer reports that Mike Shanahan is interviewing Bill Romanowski to be the Redskins’ new strength and conditioning coach. I repeat: a man who took the “cream” and the “clear” just like Barry Bonds did is poised to be the STRENGTH and CONDITIONING coach for an NFL team.

In light of the bruising Mark McGwire has taken from FOX’s Ken Rosenthal and others, FOX’s Glazer will no doubt likewise demand that Romo not be given the job:

shanny at it
again: he’s interviewing Bill Romanowski for strength & cond coach.
while controvertial, who knows this stuff better than him?

I’m not a fan of the NFL, but at least NFL commentators aren’t deluded about the purity of the game they cover.