Stat of the day: Times on base leaders

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Taken from Stats, LLC

1) Albert Pujols – 285
2) Prince Fielder – 268
3) Chone Figgins – 264
4) Derek Jeter – 263
5) Chase Utley – 259
6) Marco Scutaro – 255
7) Hanley Ramirez – 252
8) Adam Dunn – 249
9) Adrian Gonzalez – 248
10) Shin-Soo Choo and Mark Teixeira – 247

Minor League Baseball eclipses 40 million in attendance for 14th consecutive season

Sara D. Davis/Getty Images

Minor League Baseball announced on Wednesday that, for the 14th consecutive season, the league has eclipsed 40 million in total attendance. 20 teams set single-game attendance records and seven teams set franchise records for single-game attendance in their current parks.

ESPN’s Keith Law, who has been covering the minor leagues for quite a while, did the math:

Minor League Baseball president and CEO Pat O’Conner, whose most prominent stint in the public eye involved him disingenuously justifying the underpaying of his players, said, “Minor League Baseball continues to be the best entertainment value in sports, and these numbers support that. For us to top 40 million fans for the 14th consecutive season despite the weather challenges our teams faced in April and May is a testament to the continued support of our loyal fan bases and the creative promotions and hard work done by all of our teams across the country.”

Major and Minor League Baseball are quite happy to make money hand over fist on the backs of their players, but are too cheap to pay them adequately for their labor.