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Bud Selig talks about what MLB is doing to create a domestic violence policy


Last night, following his bestowing of a major award on Derek Jeter, Bud Selig spoke from Yankee Stadium about baseball’s work on a domestic violence policy.

Specifically, he said that Rob Manfred, MLB executive vice president for labor relations Dan Halem and Major League Baseball Players Association executive director Tony Clark had been meeting to discuss a framework for how to deal with cases, as well as meetings with “various groups seeking input,” which one hopes and presumes to be anti-domestic violence groups and womens organizations.

Selig’s comments:

“We’re going to be very proactive in that area. Baseball is a social institution and needs to deal with things like this directly. And we will . . . We’ve been having meetings with various organizations — two a day starting last Friday. And had a couple more today and a couple more tomorrow. And talking to the Players Association about it.”

Sounds good to me. As we’ve discussed, coming up with a policy will not be an easy task. But as long as the league is working with the union and getting input from people who know way more about the topic than Major League Baseball does as opposed to hastily coming up with something simply to get in front of the next bad bit of P.R. that comes its way, it’s a good thing.

Bud Selig says A-Rod will “have a clean slate” once his suspension is over

Alex Rodriguez

While cameras will follow his every move and while pearl-clutching columns will no doubt be written, when Alex Rodriguez reports to spring training next February he will be just like any other player in the eyes of Major League Baseball. That’s what Bud Selig said yesterday. From the Daily News:

And outgoing Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig said that when a player returns from a suspension, he has a clean slate in the eyes of the league.

“They do in my eyes. I’ve said that to a lot of players,” Selig said at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday afternoon, a visit that’s part of his farewell tour of all 30 MLB parks. “Listen, we’re a social institution. A guy does something, he gets disciplined, he comes back. We shouldn’t keep penalizing him.”

That’s right. Only baseball writers can do that.

Of course, another part of being treated like anyone else is being subject to being DFA’d if your current team doesn’t like you or want you. And that’s going to be the real A-Rod story of the offseason and spring training. As Selig said, “whatever happens between Alex and the Yankees will happen. It’s up to them now.” I have no clue what’s going to happen there.

On the one hand, I can see the Yankees just cutting ties. The thinking being that whatever the Yankees of the 20oos and 2010s have been, they ceased to be with the suspension, two non-playoff seasons and the retirement of Derek Jeter. Alex Rodriguez was a giant pain in the ass, he is now old, he is no longer any kind of bet to be an All-Star caliber performer and no one really needs the headache.

Part of me wonders, however, if someone on the Yankees will think “well, maybe there’s a chance he can still hit,” will look around and realize that there isn’t any kind of real offensive talent on the roster anyway and decide that they’ll at least give him a look-see in spring training.

It’s anyone’s guess, really. I feel like there are equal chances of him playing in New York, playing for some other team, being given a fair shake only to show that the age and layoff eroded his skills too greatly or showing that he can still play yet being given a total defacto blackball a la Barry Bonds and never playing baseball again anyway.

Bud Selig presents Derek Jeter with the 15th Commissioner’s Historic Achievement Award

derek jeter trophy getty

You can watch here as Bud Selig presents the Commissioner’s Historic Achievement Award to retiring shortstop Derek Jeter on Tuesday evening in the Yankee Stadium press room …

This award is not given out annually; rather, it’s presented to individuals or teams at the commissioner’s discretion. Jeter is the 15th recipient. The others: Roberto Clemente, Vin Scully, Ichiro Suzuki, Ken Griffey Jr., Rachel Robinson (the widow of Jackie Robinson), Mariano Rivera, Tony Gwynn, Barry Bonds, Rickey Henderson, Roger Clemens, Cal Ripken Jr., Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, and the 2001 Mariners.

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Do you want to see Derek Jeter’s highlights done with minifigures? Tough, you’re gonna.

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Every day brings us another bit of weird Derek Jeter weirdness and excess. Why should today be any different?