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VIDEO: Little girl throws back a Derek Jeter foul ball and horrifies parents


Everything about this is amazing.

It started out pretty innocently, as Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter tapped a ground ball into foul territory along the third base line. Blue Jays third baseman Danny Valencia threw the ball into the stands to a lucky fan. What a neat keepsake for Jeter’s final homestand, right? The fan then posed for a couple of pictures before giving the ball to his daughter. Then everything went into chaos. Check it out below:

I’m going to guess that the little girl is suffering from Jeter fatigue. In all seriousness, there is a happy ending to the story, as the fan was eventually reunited with the ball.

Derek Jeter will be presented with a bronze cap tonight

Bronze cap

This is fun: Prior to tonight’s Yankees game New Era CEO Chris Koch will be presenting Derek Jeter with a bronzed version of the New Era 59FIFTY cap:


It would be awesome if, as with everything else, they made the rest of the Yankees get one too. They’d all have to play the Blue Jays wearing bronze caps. Sure, it would be difficult, but you can’t deny that it would be the ultimate in RE2PECT.

OK, in all seriousness, this is cool. Also, in all seriousness, go read this editorial about Jeter Fatigue by Jay Gordon over at River Ave. Blues. Obviously he and the RAB folks are Yankees fans, and obviously we’re not all going to feel the same away about this stuff that they are. I’m cool with that. They can have and enjoy every last drop of the Jeter stuff without our critical words as long as they can acknowledge that, no, we really don’t feel the same way about it as they do.

It’s like music. They like Rush, we don’t, and we don’t say a . . .

OK, bad example. But you know what I mean.

Talking head says Jeter is “a fraud” and “you are all suckers”

Derek Jeter Getty

The hottest of hot takes from Chris Carlin on SNY about the Jeter farewell business, in which he says about Jeter: “This guy’s a fraud, and you are all suckers.”

Obviously we’re not all Jeter fans, and there is certainly an element of fatigue to all of the Jeter stuff for those of us who are not. But you have to be one particularly sour jackwagon to have opinions about all of this that are this strong. He’s a “fraud?” If anything Jeter and other athletes have given this guy and guys like him more reason and basis to make money and otherwise benefit in their pathetic lives than anything else. They don’t owe you crap, and to suggest they’ve somehow fooled anyone into anything is the height of ridiculousness

But what would be worse is if this guy actually doesn’t feel hurt or defrauded by Derek Jeter. If he’s voicing opinions this strong that he doesn’t, in reality, hold, because he feels like he needs to yell louder and be more provocative than the next talking head.

And I know what many of you will say: then why give him any ink here? That’s exactly what he wants! We’ve been over this stuff in the past, but the short version is that I still maintain some shred of hope and optimism for humanity and I continue to believe, however naively it may be, that exposing awful people and awful opinions will, in the aggregate, make things better. That while there will always be some who eat this kind of crap up, there is at least 50% + 1 of humanity that agrees this is crap and will consider it so. And that, over time, as this sort of crap is met with scorn, it will seem less and less appealing, thus elevating the discourse.

Maybe I’m nuts. But I’d rather be hopelessly nuts like that than to live in a world where sour-ass idiocy like this simply happens without anyone caring.

And That Happened: Thursday’s scores and highlights

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 7.17.14 AM

Cardinals 3, Brewers 2: A walkoff single in the 13th for Tony Cruz in the 13th inning gives the Cards two of three in a series the Brewers really needed to sweep in order to keep their playoff hopes alive. Between both teams, 12 runs were scored all series long. And, thanks to two extra innings games, that amounted to 36 innings. Milwaukee is now down three and a half for the second wild card which, no, does not look doable with a bit more than a week to play.

Rangers 7, Athletics 2: Just when you think the A’s have hit rock bottom they show you that they still have farther to fall. Oakland was swept by the worst team in baseball and now they find themselves out of the first wild card slot and into the second, only one game ahead of Seattle. Here Sonny Gray was touched for four runs in the first inning and five overall. Not that it matters. If and when this collapse is complete, most A’s fans will think of it as one giant blur of a collapse, unable to truly pin it on any one guy. Believe me, I know from experience.

Mariners 3, Angels 1: The A’s loss is Seattle’s gain, as they beat what was pretty much a Salt Lake City lineup the day after the Angels clinched. Not that they had an easy time of it. They were shut out by Wade LeBlanc and four relievers until the ninth when they got through against Kevin Jespen with a three-run homer from Logan Morrison. Felix Hernandez, meanwhile, was right in his element, getting a no decision after striking out 11 in seven shutout innings. Unlike in years past, however, hardly anyone in Seattle gives a rip about King Felix’s W-L record. They can taste the playoffs, sitting only one game out with a dead team walking in Oakland in front of them.

Pirates 3, Red Sox 2: Fortune smiles on Pittsburgh as Sox baserunner Jemile Weeks, who was on third base, was called out when he was hit by Will Middlebrooks’ infield single to third. That’s an out, of course. The Sox went on to score one more run meaning that if Weeks hadn’t been hit, welp, they probably would’ve tied the game. It’s been that kind of season for the Red Sox.

Nationals 6, Marlins 2: The Nats keep winning, now with the best record in the NL in their sights. Gio Gonzalez allowed two runs in seven innings, Bryce Harper had three hits. They put up five runs in the fourth, all with two outs. That’s the kind of hitting that plays well in October. Just think back to all of those annoying Yankees teams in the late 90s doing that kind of thing just as it looked as if their opponents were out of the inning.

Yankees 3, Blue Jays 2: Derek Jeter hit a home run. This is not a drill. Please report to your nearest fallout shelter and tune all radios to the emergency band and await further instructions.

Dodgers 8, Cubs 4: A big inning for L.A, plating five in the seventh thanks to RBI doubles from Dee Gordon and Andre Ethier. Crazy stat: this was only the second time this year the Dodgers won a game when trailing after six innings. Second win in in 56 such games. I can’t imagine there are playoff-bound teams with fewer late inning comebacks than that.

Indians 2, Astros 1: A thirteen inning game featuring three total runs between two teams playing out the string that ends on a sac fly. Feel the excitement. OK, Cleveland would tell you that they’re not merely playing out the string. But while five games doesn’t feel like a lot in, say, June, it is damn nigh insurmountable with a week to go and multiple teams in front of you. Why people — mostly reporters who cover these games — don’t make that more clear rather than talk up playoff implications is beyond me, but it happens every year. I’ll say it now: if the Indians make the playoffs I’ll do the HBT Daily video the next day while wearing my daughter’s dance recital costume and an Cleveland Indians cap.

Rockies 7, Diamondbacks 6: Willin Rosario hit a two-out, two-run walkoff homer and had four hits in all to lead the Rockies past the Snakes. Arizona blew a five-run lead overall. If I was a betting man, I’d say we are seeing the final few games of Kirk Gibson’s tenure managing the Diamondbacks,

Padres 7, Phillies 3: This feels like the 10th straight game these two have played. It’s a ten-game series, is it not? Robbie Erlin pitched well — he’s a Padres pitcher, by the way, which you would be forgiven for not knowing — and Alexi Amarista and Will Venable homered.


VIDEO: Derek Jeter hits first home run at Yankee Stadium this season

Derek Jeter Getty

After snapping an 0-for-28 hitless streak last night, Derek Jeter homered at Yankee Stadium tonight for the first time all season. Check out the video below:

Well, that’s one way to begin the final homestand of your career. It was Jeter’s fourth home run of the season and his first since August 1, snapping a 149 at-bat streak. His last home run at Yankee Stadium came last July 28. That’s a span of 75 games.

Jeter now has 260 home runs for his career. With just 10 games to go after tonight, there’s a decent chance that what we just saw could be his final one.