Derek Jeter

No one is happier about Derek Jeter’s walk-off hit than David Robertson


David Robertson’s rough outing last night would be remembered a whole lot differently had Derek Jeter not come through with a walk-off hit following the closer’s blown save.

The legend Robertson replaced, Mariano Rivera, even joked about the situation after the game, saying now we can all remember how Robertson gave up two homers on purpose so that Jeter could get even more glory.

Here is Robertson’s sense of relief, in his own words:

[I went] from pretty much the all-time low to all-time high. Thankfully the game was still tied and we weren’t losing. So I could live with myself at least a little bit. That was a heartbreaker though to give up two home runs to two good hitters, but it worked out. I was really down, but now I can walk away and go to sleep tonight.

It created another Derek Jeter moment. As much as I wished I wouldn’t have created it, I’m glad it happened.

It should also be noted that, while he’ll never be able to fill Rivera’s Hall of Fame-sized shoes, Robertson has been very good this season by converting 88 percent of his save chances with a 3.13 ERA and 94 strikeouts in 63 innings. And he’ll cash in big as a free agent this offseason.

Adrian Beltre hates having his head touched, but made the mistake of hitting a walk-off homer


Derek Jeter wasn’t the only Hall of Fame-caliber player to deliver a walk-off hit last night.

Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre went opposite field for a walk-off homer against the A’s. And my favorite part is that Beltre absolutely hates having anyone touch his head–as documented many times over the years–but was basically forced into letting the entire team touch his head as he crossed home plate.

It’s funny to watch as Beltre comes to the realization his head is going to be touched as he rounds third base.

Derek Jeter wore two uniforms last night


Most of Darren Rovell’s tweets are either stealth ads from brands who use him to unwittingly shill for them, exercises in simple math or soullessly miss the point of everything. Sometimes, though, he points out something interesting:

I guess I get that. And at least it was done slickly enough to where no one noticed it. Not everyone who was trying to do something in the name of memorabilia was as slick.