A.J. Pierzynski

Braves recall Christian Bethancourt from the minors


In a rebuilding year there are good stories and bad ones and one of the bad ones is when a guy who was supposed to be your ____ of the future doesn’t do all that hot. Christian Bethancourt was one of those guys for the Braves this year, so he spent most of the middle of the season in the minors.

But, since it is a rebuilding year, you can do things like use late August and all of September to give those bad stories a chance to head into the winter with optimism. Such is the case with Braves catcher Christian Bethancourt, who was sent down to Triple-A in June after early season struggles. Today they called him back up for a chance to head into the offseason with his head held a bit higher.

In the bigs he hit .298/.221/.287 in 29 games and, worse, played bad defense, which was supposed to be his calling card. A.J. Pierzynski took most of his playing time before he left and all of it after. In the minors he righted the ship quite nicely, hitting .327/.359/.480 in 52 games. If he can post numbers closer to that than what he did in Atlanta the Braves will have one less question mark heading into year two of the rebuild.

The Braves PSYOPs program is progressing nicely


Eury Perez made a swell catch in the fifth inning of last night’s Giants-Braves game. Then another ball came his way in left field and he had a chance for his second diving grab.

He didn’t make the second one. But, in the vein of A.J. Pierzynski’s epic frame job on Monday night, he acted like he did, holding his glove up in triumph. Watch:


I have no idea what’s going on with the Braves’ PSYOPs initiative lately, but it’s at least making losing baseball games interesting.

Video: A.J. Pierzynski attempts to frame a pitch that bounced three feet in front of the plate


People tend to hate A.J. Pierzynski. I think it’s mostly because he did something kinda lame against their team one time and they didn’t much care for it. Or it’s just based on reputation and word of mouth. People have been hating on Pierzynski for years and at some point you just get a rep you can’t shake.

But if he’s ON your team and you watch him play over several months you begin to love the guy. At least if you have any sense and taste. He just doesn’t give a damn about anything and there’s something fantastic about that.

Like this. This is beautiful. This is the sort of thing that makes watching your losing, skidding team on a random Monday night in August worthwhile:


Bogus that he didn’t get the call right there, man.