Curt Schilling agrees to pay back $2.5 million to the State of Rhode Island


Back in 2012 the State of Rhode Island sued Curt Schilling and his business parters in 38Studios in the wake of the collapse of the company. The suit centered on $75 million in loan guarantees from the state to Schilling’s video game company. Rhode Island claimed that Schilling and his partners committed fraud, alleging that they mischaracterized the business prospects and health of the company and claiming that they knew that they couldn’t pay back the loan. Schilling has vehemently and consistently denied the allegations and claimed that he was a scapegoat, blamed by politicians for political purposes.

I’m sure there was some degree of truth to each side of that, along with a heaping helping of B.S. to both sides of that. What’s clear is that after several years of civil litigation and criminal investigation, nothing has come of it for anyone. It was probably a good time to settle. And so they have:

Former Red Sox pitcherCurt Schilling and others have agreed to pay $2.5 million to settle their part of a lawsuit brought over Rhode Island’s disastrous $75 million deal with 38 Studios, his failed video game company.

Schilling and his co-defendants admit not wrongdoing or liability as part of the settlement. The statement issued by the State that it “makes no economic sense whatsoever” for the parties to proceed to trial rather than settle, suggests that, even if liability could be shown, there was no way that they were going to get much more than this out of the defendants, making this a settlement of efficiency more than anything else. There are still various actions in play against banks and financial advisors and stuff, all of whom have deeper pockets than Schilling and his partners.

Now Schilling can turn the page on this and get back to doing what he truly loves: sharing awful political memes on social media while entertaining delusions about his future political career.

(thanks to Bert Beaton for the heads up)

Curt Schilling proposes a total end to immigration and summary executions


Two bombs went off in New York and New Jersey over the weekend. Scary, but thankfully no one was killed and, thankfully, law enforcement found and captured the suspect in short order.

Coolheaded thinking by the public — no one freaked out and several aided in the identification of other bombs and the capture of the suspect — and good work by law enforcement turned what, regrettably, is a reoccurring risk in 21st century America into a short story indeed. What has become a new normal for the United States in the past 15 years, and what the rest of the world has dealt with longer, is now something that can be dealt with sanely.

Which makes me wonder what will happen if Curt Schilling gets his way and somehow manages to get elected to political office. Because his reactions to the bombing over the weekend was the stuff of undiluted hysteria. Listen to the man with the plan:

When the Yankees were up 3-1 on the Red Sox in the 2004 ALCS Schilling’s first instinct was probably to slip the entire Yankees team mickeys and put icy hot in their jocks.

Anyway, Vote Schilling. You need him on that wall. Which he called a “Berlin Wall,” and which he would build immediately to stop bombings in New York somehow.

Curt Schilling is considering running against Elizabeth Warren in 2018

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Last week Curt Schilling said that he was planning on running for office one day. “State office first,” he said, “white house in 8 years . . .or 4 if by some amazing illegal event this country elects another clinton.” Maybe by “state office” he didn’t mean state government but, rather, statewide office, because he said on a radio spot yesterday that he may have Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren in his sights:

“I would like to be one of the people responsible for getting Elizabeth Warren out of politics,” said Schilling. “She’s a nightmare. The left’s holding her up as the second coming of Hillary Clinton, Lord knows we don’t need the first.”

That could simply mean that he’s going to work to have someone, anyone, beat Warren, but the Boston Globe took it to mean that he’d consider running. He certainly has the ego for it. And my God, it would be great fun.

Not quite as much fun as it is to sit back and think for a few moments about how angry it must make Schilling to know that he’s represented in the Senate by two liberals like Warren and Ed Markey, but still a lot of fun.