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Curt Schilling has had an unhinged 24 hours


Donald Trump is in hot water for any number of things this week, but one of those things are comments he made about girls back in the day. Once, in the early 1990s, he attended a youth choir concert and asked two of the girls in the choir how old they were. When they said they were 14, Trump said, “Wow! Just think — in a couple of years, I’ll be dating you.” Around that same time, CBS News reports, he was recorded in an “Entertainment Tonight” segment talking about a 10-year-old girl, saying “I am going to be dating her in 10 years. Can you believe it?” The dirty old man schtick may not have raised too many eyebrows back in the day but it’s obviously not going over too well now that Trump is a presidential candidate.

For reasons known only to them, yesterday Fox Business Network brought on Curt Schilling to comment on all of this. Schilling, not surprisingly, defended Trump, going all-in with the notion that it’s totally normal to see underage girls and to form opinions about their sexual attractiveness:

Here’s the video of his appearance:

The key passage: “I’ve seen my daughters friends, I’m a man, ‘Wow, she’s a beautiful young lady.’ I don’t immediately jump to molesting her.” Then he tweeted this:


It’s probably worth noting at this point that last year Schilling went after a couple of guys who said crude and threatening things about his daughter on social media, leading to them getting fired from their jobs. Those guys went way beyond anything Trump or Schilling said, of course, but in light of Schilling’s vehement (and righteous) response to that, it’s somewhat surprising to see him finding all kinds of nuance on the topic of what is or what is not OK to say about another person’s underage daughter.

But wait, there’s more!

This morning Schilling was on WEEI radio and got into it with Boston Herald columnist John Tomase, who was on the show and who was critical of Schilling and Trump’s comments. Schilling called Tomase a “f***ing coward” and “a piece of garbage.” When Tomase called Schilling “unhinged,” Schilling replied, “When people like you think I’m unhinged, I’m doing something right because you’re what’s wrong with this country.” You can hear all of that here.

In other news, Schilling still says he’s running for office in 2018 or 2020. So we have that to look forward to.


Curt Schilling is getting serious about running for Senate and even the presidency


Curt Schilling did a video interview with TMZ today and said he is getting “more serious” about running for the Senate against Elizabeth Warren in Massachusetts and that he would like to run for president as well.

After talking about a Senate run and about how he likes Trump because he’s anti-establishment, he said that him running for the White House is “a possibility” and . . .

“Six to eight years from now I’d love to give the White House a try,” Schilling said. “Here’s the cool thing, I live in a country where I can say that and it’s actually a realistic possibility.”

We probably have different definitions of the word “realistic,” but he is right” it’s a free country. You be you, Curt.

Curt Schilling agrees to pay back $2.5 million to the State of Rhode Island


Back in 2012 the State of Rhode Island sued Curt Schilling and his business parters in 38Studios in the wake of the collapse of the company. The suit centered on $75 million in loan guarantees from the state to Schilling’s video game company. Rhode Island claimed that Schilling and his partners committed fraud, alleging that they mischaracterized the business prospects and health of the company and claiming that they knew that they couldn’t pay back the loan. Schilling has vehemently and consistently denied the allegations and claimed that he was a scapegoat, blamed by politicians for political purposes.

I’m sure there was some degree of truth to each side of that, along with a heaping helping of B.S. to both sides of that. What’s clear is that after several years of civil litigation and criminal investigation, nothing has come of it for anyone. It was probably a good time to settle. And so they have:

Former Red Sox pitcherCurt Schilling and others have agreed to pay $2.5 million to settle their part of a lawsuit brought over Rhode Island’s disastrous $75 million deal with 38 Studios, his failed video game company.

Schilling and his co-defendants admit not wrongdoing or liability as part of the settlement. The statement issued by the State that it “makes no economic sense whatsoever” for the parties to proceed to trial rather than settle, suggests that, even if liability could be shown, there was no way that they were going to get much more than this out of the defendants, making this a settlement of efficiency more than anything else. There are still various actions in play against banks and financial advisors and stuff, all of whom have deeper pockets than Schilling and his partners.

Now Schilling can turn the page on this and get back to doing what he truly loves: sharing awful political memes on social media while entertaining delusions about his future political career.

(thanks to Bert Beaton for the heads up)