Bobby Parnell is in The Best Shape of His Life


Slow day, so we may as well kick off the season for these things.

Parnell, of course, had Tommy John surgery back in April, so he’s had a lot of time to work out since then. And, if you recall, he had been down 30 pounds following his herniated disk issues in 2013, so I guess he’s still got some weight to make up.

Derek Jeter is in The Best Shape of His Life


Because of course he is:


Guess that means Brendan Ryan isn’t going to get as much playing time as he hoped.

Picture of the day: Tim Lincecum is in The Best Shape of His Life


Courtesy of Hunter Pence’s instagram account comes this little gem, in which the 5’11” Tim Lincecum and the 6’8″ Kameron Loe swapped jerseys.