Derek Jeter is in The Best Shape of His Life


Because of course he is:


Guess that means Brendan Ryan isn’t going to get as much playing time as he hoped.

Picture of the day: Tim Lincecum is in The Best Shape of His Life

Tim Lincecum, Kameron Loe

Courtesy of Hunter Pence’s instagram account comes this little gem, in which the 5’11” Tim Lincecum and the 6’8″ Kameron Loe swapped jerseys.


Jackie Bradley Jr. is in The Best Shape of His Life

Jackie Bradley Jr.

This one in video form. It comes at the 2:45 mark of this 3:00 video over at Best part: totally unprompted. Just blurts it out when talking about stealing bases.

But watch the whole thing because at the beginning he talks about how great it was that he failed at the major league level last year. Really: “it’s great that I failed.” Which, while it’s clear what he’s actually getting at, is a surprisingly aggressive way to couch the whole “learn from adversity” concept.