Phil Coke is in The Best Shape of His Life



This isn’t self-proclaimed, but Ken Rosenthal knows what time it is:

Phil Coke is looking for a job, but he pitches with his left hand, so whether he gained or lost 15 pounds, he should find a landing spot.

Jesus Montero is in the Best Shape of His Life

Jesus Montero Getty

Neither he nor his adivisors made the claim, but they will soon, I can assure you:

Good for him. He has been in the process of eating and behaving his way out of the game the past couple of years — remember the ice cream sandwich incident? — but he just turned 25 and is probably still too young to give up on.

At Triple-A last year Montero hit .286/.350/.489 with 16 home runs and 74 RBI over 97 games, and that was with him being out of shape. If this report is true — and if the weight loss is part of on overall attitude adjustment — there is still a chance that he could fulfill at least some portion of the promise he had as a young prospect.

Bobby Parnell is in The Best Shape of His Life

Bobby Parnell Getty

Slow day, so we may as well kick off the season for these things.

Parnell, of course, had Tommy John surgery back in April, so he’s had a lot of time to work out since then. And, if you recall, he had been down 30 pounds following his herniated disk issues in 2013, so I guess he’s still got some weight to make up.