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The Reds Jason Bourgeois tried to score on an infield fly rule play last night. It didn’t work.


The low point of a low Reds season happened last night.

In the fifth inning the Reds loaded the bases. Jason Bourgeois was at third base. One out. Jay Bruce was at the plate and popped the ball up on the infield, just to the first base side of the mound. The call: infield fly rule in effect. That means that the batter is out, force plays are not in effect and the fielder doesn’t have to even catch the ball.

So, Royals pitcher Luke Hochevar watched the ball drop in front of him.

And then he watched Bourgeois break from third base. Hochevar thew home, Bourgeois was tagged out for a 1-2 double play and the inning was over:

If Bourgeois simply stays at third, the Reds are still in business. Bourgeois didn’t talk to the media after the game, but Bryan Price said it was an “instinctual” thing. He must’ve been thinking “ball on the ground, bases loaded, I HAVE to go!” Of course, the entire point of the infield fly rule is to avoid such an impetus and to take the gimme double play away from the team on defense.

Your 2015 Reds, folks.

MLB clarifies its stance: it’s cool for managers to wear Apple Watches

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Missed this the other day, but apparently MLB got a little miffed at Ned Yost for wearing an Apple smart watch in the dugout during Tuesday’s game. As Any McCullough reported, the league called Yost to make sure that he wasn’t using it to, I dunno, tweet-source his bullpen moves or something. All of which was fun given that Yost’s Apple Watch was a gift from Major League Baseball for managing the All-Star Game.

But yesterday the league’s stance was clarified, as MLB told Marketwatch that the watch is fine as long as it’s not tethered to a phone in the dugout, as phones and other internet-capable devices are not allowed during games. The Apple Watch, of course, is just a watch when there’s no phone around. That’s how Yost uses it.

In other news, this marks the first time since the launch of the Apple Watch that someone I’ve ever spoken to has been revealed to own an Apple Watch.

Last night’s throwback uniforms were pretty cool

Daniel Norris

The Padres, Cubs and Tigers all wore throwbacks yesterday. The Padres to one of their 1980s looks, the Cubs and Tigers to 1945, the year they played in the World Series. This is what they looked like:

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My verdict: the Tigers jersey was amazing, and the detail of that extra-large D they used to wear on the caps is nice. The Padres is neat in a time capsule way, but that’s not my favorite old time Padres look. I’m partial to some of their other designs, as I explained here late last year.

As for the Cubs? Man, not sure. It’s interesting, but seeing them without pinstripes is weird. They, along with the Yankees, are the only team that looks better in pinstripes than without them in my view.