Author: Craig Calcaterra

Anthony Bosch’s bail revoked because he tested positive for cocaine

AP Anthony Bosch

Anthony Bosch, the star witness against History’s Greatest Monster, now has to go to jail:

The former owner of the clinic at the center of Major League Baseball’s recent performance-enhancing drug scandal had his bail revoked Monday because of recent positive tests for cocaine use.

U.S. District Judge Darrin P. Gayles ordered Anthony Bosch jailed immediately. Bosch tested positive twice in August for cocaine use, after he was released on $100,000 bail under conditions including no use of illegal drugs and random urine testing. Gayles also found Bosch wasn’t regularly attending voluntary drug treatment.

Not that this is a terrible surprise.

Good thing MLB didn’t agree to pay this guy’s legal fees and security fees and, possibly, help his child support case go away. And it’s a good thing the league didn’t agree to put in a good word for him with the judge. Because really, no one wants to appear to be cool with using a coke-addicted drug dealer as its star witness, let alone vouch for him.

Oh, wait.

Video: The Royals partied at a bar with fans after last night’s win

royals logo

The Royals are doing their very best to make everyone love them.


Apparently Eric Hosmer plunked down his credit card and kept the tab open for everyone in the bar for an hour, too. And the players there showered people in the bar with champagne.

Think the Royals are a bit happy at how the playoffs are going so far?

(h/t Deadspin)

Rosenthal: it’s put up or shut up time . . . for fans

Orioles Royals

Ken Rosenthal makes an awful lot of sense today, predicting that the Orioles-Royals ALCS will not be a ratings juggernaut for TBS in the coming week. And if that does come to pass, he kindly asks that you all shut up about teams like the Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers and Cardinals being shoved down our throats for national broadcasts:

Trust me, this series will be good television, Camden Yards a sea of orange, Kauffman Stadium a sea of blue, two long-suffering fan bases erupting with joy, celebrating their teams’ respective ascents into the baseball elite.

Will you watch? Or are your complaints hollow?

Put up or shut up.

If you’re a baseball fan, turn on your TV.

I hope to God that this series gets great ratings because these are a couple of teams that could bring some new fans into the game and reinvigorate some old fans at the same time. This is the freshest LCS matchup we’ve had in years. Still, I’m with Rosenthal (a) doubting that it will; and (b) doubting that it matters given how well baseball ratings do on a local level.