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Seven teams have reportedly inquired about Dan Uggla for reasons that escape me


I’ve read this five times but it still doesn’t make any logical sense to me:

Maybe he’s handy around the house and will help out with light maintenance? Perhaps he’s good with kids and can help mom by watching them while mom gets some errands run? Maybe the inquiries are just a matter of morbid curiosity, like, they’re calling to see if he still lives and breathes or if, alternatively, he has secreted himself from society like some Phantom of the Opera figure.

Report: Dodgers, Padres “working hard” on a Matt Kemp deal, which is “getting closer”

Matt Kemp

Matt Kemp has been rumored to be going places. He may be coming right down here to San Diego:

The Padres have been linked to Kemp for a couple of weeks now, as have the Orioles, Mariners and any number of mystery teams. But San Diego looks like it’s gonna happen now.

In earlier reports, catcher Yasmani Grandal was said to be a piece to be sent back north, with some cash being sent down to the Padres. Rosenthal also suggests that pitching prospect Matt Wisler would be involved in the deal. UPDATE: Rosenthal now says that Wisler would not be included.

And, speaking of cash, it’s worth remembering, as Aaron reminded us yesterday, that while Kemp is still owed a good deal of money, it’s not like he’s not worth a large portion of that money as opposed to the albatross many consider him and his contract to be.

Madison Bumgarner once dated someone named Madison Bumgarner

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As we wait for the Baseball Industrial Complex to wake up on this Tuesday morning, it’s worth looking at Sports Illustrated’s article about its Sportsman of the Year, Madison Bumgarner. Much of it is devoted to Madison Bumgarner: country boy who puts on no airs at all. But in the middle of all of that comes a weird fact. See if you can spot it:

It’s all true. That he was so good so young that he started playing coach-pitch baseball at age four against seven-year-olds, and is so adept with either hand that he shoots a bow, bats, writes and ropes righthanded, but throws from the left side. That his father, Kevin, wouldn’t let him throw a curveball until he had a driver’s license. That before he dated Ali, he dated a girl named Madison Bumgarner (“No relation, I’m sure of it”). That he was married in a white, open-collar shirt and blue jeans while carrying a pocket-knife. That he bought Ali a cow just before their wedding (though not specifically as a wedding present), and she loved it.

If I met a girl named Craig Calcaterra I’d marry that girl. Not gonna lie about that. Alex Rodriguez feels the same way about a woman named Alex Rodriguez, I assume. That Bumgarner didn’t marry Madison Bumgarner just makes him different than Alex and me.

UPDATE: It looks like the Blue Jays aren’t getting rid of Paul Beeston after all

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UPDATE: Well, this is, suffice it to say, a reversal:

It’s possible that the Jays wanted to get new blood but no one wanted to let their top talent leave for Toronto. It’s possible that they realized that, maybe, they don’t want to part ways with the single most important executive in team history.

9:12 AMWe learned a couple of days ago that the Blue Jays are looking to replace Paul Beeston, the team president, who also happened to be the first Blue Jays employee, starting his tenure with the team in 1976.

OK, time passes, people move on, even if they are institutions within the organization. But, one hopes, they’re treated better than Beeston is reportedly being treated. Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun says that the way Beeston found out that the Jays were actively seeking to replace him was when White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf called to tell him that the Jays had contacted him about interviewing Sox’ president Kenny Williams for the job.

To be sure, the Jays are within their rights to get rid of Beeston if they want to. As Simmons notes, his contract expired in October and has not been renewed. He also notes, however, that Beeston has often worked without a contract for the Jays over the course of his long career and no one with the Jays ownership group at Rogers had told Beeston that they wanted him gone.

At the very least, one would hope that an organization legend like Beeston deserves to find out that his employer is moving on from his actual employer, not from one of the people they’ve contacted in an effort to replace him.

Lester has four offers in the $150 million range, and one team may go an extra year

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Jon Lester waiting around may bother those of us who are paid to keep track of such things. But why the heck should he care? His waiting it out has, apparently, had the desired effect: Ken Rosenthal:

Lester’s offers all are in the six-year, $150 million range, sources said. One team — it is not known which one — indicated it would go to the seven-year, $175 million range. But Lester would not necessarily choose that team even at that level, one source said.

Those offers are from the Cubs, Giants, Dodgers and Red Sox.

Yesterday Rosenthal said that Lester is choosing between the Giants and the Cubs. He suggests that’s still the case, even if no one has been officially eliminated. Which, why would anyone associated with Lester say that anyone is officially eliminated?

One change: Unlike yesterday, when it was reported that Lester would pick a suitor no later than this morning, Rosenthal now says Lester’s decision could stretch into Wednesday. So stay tuned.