Author: Craig Calcaterra

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People are paying $50 for a Kansas City cap that looks like a bootleg


As a guy who finds two shirts he likes and the proceeds to get three or four of them in assorted colors, I’m not exactly the target audience of fashion designers. That said, I do get baseball caps — I’m a bald guy who likes baseball, see, so I’m something of an expert — and I am completely confused by why anyone would pay $48 for a cap with “KC” on it when you can get yourself a nice Royals cap way cheaper:

Matt Baldwin, the designer behind fashion company Baldwin Denim and Collection, created a topper with letters bearing the initials of his city, KC, in 2009, as a love letter to his birthplace. In the last month, since the Royals started winning, sales have spiked a whopping 30 percent.

“We’re having a hat moment for sure,” boasts Matt Baldwin. “SNL” star Jason Sudeikis, another Kansas City native and a pal of Baldwin’s, has been spotted proudly wearing the cap on the streets of New York this past baseball season.

They come in assorted colors and look like this:

I could see getting one if the Royals caps looked dumb, but Royals official caps are pretty cool. They’re simple and almost elegant, I’d say. And they cost a lot less.

Oh well. I guess since they don’t sell them at Barney’s they’re not as good.

The Blue Jays and Melky Cabrera have begun talking about a contract

Melky Cabrera

Melky Cabrera is a free agent after the World Series ends, but the Jays are at least talking about trying to keep him in the fold. Very tentatively talking:

“Clearly both sides right now can’t seem to get together for various reasons,” Alex Anthopoulos said on The Jeff Blair Show on Sportsnet 590 The FAN Friday. Yet the Blue Jays general manager said the team has had “some conversations” with Cabrera in the hopes of extending his stay in Toronto.

Cabrera had a great year until he broke his finger, batting .301/.351/.458 with 16 homers and 73 RBI over 139 games. Even if he gets a qualifying offer from the Jays, he should have ample interest in his services this offseason.

Video: looking back at the Royals’ and Orioles’ considerable ALCS history

George Brett

Maybe it’s not terribly recent, but both the Orioles and the Royals have a ton of history in the ALCS. And today MLB Productions has two great videos with highlights of those appearances.

Fun stuff abounds here, including shots of young Tony La Russa and Bobby Cox losing. Angry George Steinbrenner reaction shots. An Orioles highlight that, production-wise, seems like it’s from 100 years ago yet mentions Jim Palmer, who is a guy I remember playing in my lifetime. Sort of disorienting.

First the Orioles:


Then the Royals: