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Who are the happiest and saddest fans in baseball?


We all have some knee-jerk idea of this. Sometimes I think the Mets could win back-to-back-to-back World Series and their fans will say something like “nice, but I’m sure a Mets player will get gold poisoning from his rings now [insert a little frowny-face emoticon.” Some Blue Jays fans I’ve run into recently are like the Black Knight in Monty Python’s “Holy Grail” and will declare their team’s greatness even if all 25 dudes on the roster literally have their limbs cut off.

Which is to say, this sort of thing is highly subjective.

But Rob Arthur of FiveThirtyEight to quantify some of that:

Every fan base lost some of its happiness from the preseason, save one: the Chicago Cubs, who increased their sentiment score by a bit . . . All other teams’ fans have become much less happy since February, but not all by the same amount. The change in sentiment score from February to July is roughly in proportion to the change in playoff odds of each team.

So, we’re all miserable except Cubs fans? Jesus, what a bizarro year this is!

There is no tougher-luck pitcher in baseball than Shelby Miller

Shelby Miller

At the outset let us note that the Braves suck so bad things are just going to cascade from there. That said, Braves starter Shelby Miller has had more bad luck cascade on him than he deserves this year.

Miller has lost his last 10 decisions. Those ten decisions have come in the course of 18 starts in which he has a 3.24 ERA. That’s not CY Young stuff to be sure, but it’s sure good enough to have at least notched a couple of wins, right? Fact is, he hasn’t notched a win since May 17. That and his previous win, May 5, both came in complete game shutouts. In other words, Shelby Miller has had to be almost perfect to win, and even then, hasn’t won in over three months.

Dude has deserved way, way better.

Jose Bautista’s suit-inspired boycott of SportsNet is over

Jose Bautista

Generally boycotts don’t do anything unless they’re highly publicized. Jose Bautista’s boycott of SportsNet, which was first widely reported yesterday, ended as soon as the publicity started.

The Toronto Star reports that Bautista, who had been boycotting SportsNet because they would not pay for a suit rookie Devon Travis purchased for a SportsNet makeover segment, ended it yesterday and said  “we’re moving on.” No one is saying how the matter was resolved, but Bautista apparently spoke with Sportsnet’s Barry Davis in an interview before the game. “No comments” all around.

Did SportsNet cave or did Bautista not want an instance in which he was sticking up for a young teammate to turn into a distraction while the Jays are surging toward the playoffs?