Author: Craig Calcaterra

Kolten Wong

Photo: Kolten Wong’s jersey was torn completely in half after his walkoff homer


I was watching the game last night with two houseguests who aren’t really baseball fans. Once, when Jon Jay made that sliding almost-catch in center field, one of my guests wondered how hard it was to get grass stains out of uniforms and then we all mused about whether players change their uniforms in the middle of games if they get particularly messed up. We eventually settled on the notion that jerseys are somewhat disposable and that teams go through lots and lots of them over the course of the year.

Given the relatively new phenomenon of players literally ripping the shirt off the back of guys who hit walkoff homers, I think they’re even more disposable than we thought. Here’s Kolten Wong’s from last night:

Although, to be honest, I guess they’re not literally disposable. I assume someone is gonna pay a lot of money for that one.

The Diamondbacks to name Chip Hale their new manager today

Chip Hale

Bob Nightengale of USA Today reports that the Diamondbacks will announce today that they have hired Chip Hale as their new manager.

Hale had been serving as the A’s bench coach since 2011. Before that he held the same job with the Mets. He has minor league managerial experience as well and spent four years in the Diamondbacks organization. Hale was a candidate for the Mets and Mariners job in the past. He was also on the Twins’ short list for their opening. Based on most reports, he beat out Jim Tracy, Phil Nevin, and Sandy Alomar Jr. for the job.

Jarrod Dyson doesn’t think the ALCS is going back to Baltimore

Jarrod Dyson

Jarrod Dyson has been a pretty electrifying performer this postseason. And now he’s adding in some smack talk to the overall vibe of things. On Saturday night he was asked if he thought he’d be going back to Baltimore for a possible Game 6 and/or Game 7 of the ALCS:

“No, sir, I don’t. And I don’t think they think that way, either.’’

Referring to the Orioles, who need to take two of three in Kansas City to force a Game Six back at Camden Yards.

For his part, O’s outfielder Adam Jones said that Dyson does not speak for them. Buck Showalter didn’t take issue with it publicly, saying that Dyson had a right to be cocky.

Which he does. The Royals have pretty much owned the postseason so far. Hard to fault a guy for having confidence.

It is looking extremely unlikely that they’ll play Game 3 of the ALCS tonight

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 8.08.13 AM

This is the hourly forecast tonight for Kansas City:


And here is the satellite:


Note: that ugly blob from Hell is moving up and around in a counter-clockwise motion, basically hovering over Kansas City like it was Rob McKenna, the Rain God or something.

I know we’ve cried wolf about the weather a couple of times recently, but this looks positively dire.

One assumes that if tonight’s game is banged they’ll eliminate the off-day (if necessary) between Games 5 and 6 and bump everything a day.