Author: Craig Calcaterra


Japanese Jamie Moyer wins a game at age 49


Jamie Moyer won his last major league game at the age of 49 years and 150 days. That’s the record for the oldest pitcher to win a game. The Japanese record was set last night, and the guy is creeping closer to Moyer:

Masahiro Yamamoto pitched five scoreless innings in the Chunichi Dragons’ 5-0 victory over the Hanshin Tigers on Friday to become Japanese professional baseball’s oldest winning pitcher at the age of 49 years, 25 days.

The old NPB record was 48 years and four months.

If Yamamoto wants to break Moyer’s record he’ll need to pitch next season. He says he hopes to keep going, but he has only pitched in one game all season. Overall, he has 218 career wins. He actually made his NPB debut the same season Moyer made his MLB debut: 1986.

There’s a kid named Camden Yards

Cincinnati Reds v Baltimore Orioles

It’s Kid Day here at HBT. First Mr. Smoov at the Red Sox game, now a kid named actually Camden Yards, written about by Michael Clair at’s Cut4.

I sorta hate it when parents give their kids gimmick names like that, but I suppose the fact that he likes baseball and the Orioles and stuff renders it harmless. And it could’ve been worse. His parents could’ve been Giants fans and named him AT&T or something.

Or he could’ve been named Aiden. God, there are a crap-ton of Aidens floating around my kids’ elementary school.

Video: Smooth kid gives foul ball to the girl behind him

Kid ball

Everyone’s gonna say stuff like “this kid is going to do well with the ladies one day” after watching this video. But he’s doing pretty well already. Don’t focus on the little girl’s reaction. Focus on the mother’s reaction.

My boy here has some ambition. *tips cap.*


After yet another blown save, Rafael Soriano could be out as the Nats’ closer

Rafael Soriano

The Washington Nationals hold a seven-game divisional lead and are shoe-ins for the playoffs. Most folks would probably say they’re the favorite in the entire National League at the moment. But they do have one problem: their closer.

Rafael Soriano blew his second straight save last night and his fifth in his last 21 appearances. He has allowed ten runs in his lat 12 outings. He blew this one by giving up two home runs after coming in with a three-run lead. One of the homers was to Ben Revere of all people. The same Ben Revere who had one previous home run his 470 major league games coming into last night’s contest. The other came off the bat of Carlos Ruiz.

After that performance, manager Matt Williams acknowledged that he may be using a different closer down the stretch. From Chase Hughes of

“We’ll address it, yeah. We need to address it.”
“We’re certainly going to have to take a hard look at it,” Williams said. “It’s not an easy decision. None of them are. But we want to be able to close those games out. Sori understands that, he’s been around the block.”
Soriano’s 6.98 ERA in the second half is awful, and it may be that Matt Thornton, Drew Storen or Tyler Clippard get some turns in the ninth inning in the coming days. Thankfully for the Nats, they have some time and a nice cushion at their disposal as they try to figure things out.

Settling the Scores: Friday’s results

Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 7.50.00 AM

The Royals gained another game on the Tigers, thanks to James Shields pitching shutout ball into the ninth. And thanks to a two-base error by Chase Headley which set up the game’s only run. Play the hero one night, the goat the next. Such is the way of the world.

Also gaining ground: the Angels, who won, over the A’s, who lost. Who would’ve thunkback when they traded for Jon Lester that the A’s would be in a six-game hole in the first week of September?

The Brewers gained a game on the Cardinals and finally stopped that losing streak. They also gained a game over Atlanta in the “race” for the second NL Wild Card. Which is in parenthesis quotation marks because it’s mostly a battle involving the least amount of surrender to entropy. On a long enough time scale, all NL Wild Card contenders lose all of their energy and float, inert, through the cosmos.

Your scores:

Royals 1, Yankees 0
Indians 2, White Sox 1
Phillies 9, Nationals 8
Mets 14, Reds 5
Giants 8, Tigers 2
Marlins 11, Braves 3
Red Sox 9, Blue Jays 8
Brewers 6, Cardinals 2
Rays 3, Orioles 0
Rockies 3, Padres 0
Mariners 7, Rangers 5
Dodgers 2, Diamondbacks 1
Angels 7, Twins 6
Astros 4, Athletics 3
Pirates 3, Cubs 3: SUSPENDED — I am way too lazy too look, but it feels like there have been more suspended games this year than usual. Maybe because, like, three or four of them of them have either happened or been replayed in the past month or so. I dunno.