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Jake McGee AP

Rays pitcher Jake McGee had elbow surgery


Struggling to think of the the last bit of Rays news that was unequivocally good. Heck, even ambiguously good would probably work for them:

McGee was outstanding for the Rays last year, pitching in 73 games, saving 19 and posting an ERA of 1.89 while striking out 11.4 batters per nine innings pitched.

White Sox GM says Melky did the time for his crime, so lay off

Melky Cabrera
source: AP
Melky Cabrera

Fun fact: while many of the baseball writers you know wring their hands over PED guys in baseball, actual baseball people are pretty realistic about it and, it seems anyway, don’t really care all that much.

Take Rick Hahn, White Sox GM, and his comments about Melky Cabrera and his PED past:

“No one condones what he did, but we are talking about a mistake that he made and took ownership for and showed honest remorse about from three seasons ago,” Hahn said. “He’s already gone through the understandable and deserved public scrutiny, and has not hidden from his past actions.

“Frankly, I respect the fact that he accepted and served his penalty and lived with the consequences and has done his best to put it behind him. Obviously, (the MLB drug) policy allows for not only the suspension and the punishment, but also the redemption. Melky has performed at the highest level on the other side of this issue, and we’re optimistic he’ll continue to perform at that level going forward.”


I’m sure someone, however, will tell us that we have no idea what to expect from Cabrera going forward given his sordid past.

In other news, go read the story at that link, which talks about how the White Sox changed their offseason plans and decided to chuck their previously agreed-on budget precisely because fans got excited when they started signing guys last week. Interesting stuff.

The White Sox sign Brad Penny to a minor league deal

Brad Penny

Chris Cotillo reports that the White Sox have come to terms with Brad Penny on a minor league deal.

Brad Penny was out of baseball in 2013 and pitched poorly in 2014. And, for that matter, pitched poorly in 2012. And 2011. Really, outside of a couple of very short stints — nine total games in 2010 and six starts with the Giants in an otherwise crappy 2009 — Penny hasn’t been a decent pitcher in ages.

But I suppose that’s what minor league deals are for. To get a look-see. And to have a guy you can send the hell over to the East Valley for a split squad spring training game against the Cubs or something in early March.

Charlie Manuel might become the Orioles hitting coach after all

Charlie Manuel AP

At the end of November it was reported that Charlie Manuel had been approached to become the Orioles hitting coach but ultimately declined. Apparently the Orioles are not taking his initial no for an answer. Roch Kubatko of MASN:

The Orioles are still targeting Charlie Manuel in their search for a new hitting coach, according to sources, and they should know later this week whether he’s willing to fill the position.

Manuel was the Indians hitting coach from 1988-89 and from 1994-99. He’s 70 now and it’s not likely that he’ll land another manager job, so to the extent he’s wavering, you have to figure it’s less about him holding out for another job or worrying about taking a step back as much as it’s about him deciding whether he wants to go back to the eight-month or more grind of the baseball season.


The “Selig Experience” was inspired by an Abraham Lincoln exhibit. Obviously.

Bud Selig

Still laughing about the Brewers installing a “fan experience” Bud Selig museum at Miller Park called “The Selig Experience.” Laughing even more at its apparent inspiration. From

Schlesinger conceived the idea for the mini-museum during a visit to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, where he was “mesmerized” by a multimedia exhibit depicting Lincoln’s life . . . It uses a technology found in only a handful of exhibits around the world.

Lincoln and Selig: seems like a fair equivalent.

Details of the exhibit — including a preserved Bud Selig office, as if it were friggin’ Mt. Vernon or something — can be read in the linked story.