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The Padres stole home for the fourth time this year


Wil Myers once, Melvin Upton, Jr. once and, as we noted in this morning’s recaps, rookie Travis Jankowski twice. That gives the Padres four steals of home this season. That’s not the sort of thing that’s going to change a team’s prospects too terribly much over the course of a long season, but it’s definitely fun.

As for Jankowski, he’s having himself a nice season. He’s hitting .266/.378/.348 with 25 stolen bases in 87 games. He’s 15-for-30 in the month of August. That’ll play as a major league leadoff man.

David Ortiz limps off the field after fouling a ball off his shin

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David Ortiz had to be helped off the field in the ninth inning of last night’s loss to the Yankees when he fouled a ball off his right shin.

Ortiz underwent X-rays after the game at Fenway Park. They were negative. After the game Dave Dombrowski said Ortiz was doing much better and that he was walking around. He’s likely going to miss this evening’s game, but Dombrowski said it’s unlikely he’d miss more than that.

After a first half in which Ortiz put up MVP numbers, he’s been in a deep funk lately, hitting only .125 with only one extra base hit in the month of August. He hasn’t hit a homer since July 26. Now this.

Roger Clemens’ team takes a loss at the National Baseball Congress World Series


You’ll recall that Rogers Clemens and a team of retired major leaguers came together to compete at the National Baseball Congress World Series in Wichita, Kansas. That’s going on right now and Clemens’ team, the Kansas Stars, got beat for the first time yesterday.

The reason? Age, mostly. Two of the players — Ryan Langerhans and J.D. Drew (naturally) left with injuries. And starting pitcher Roger Clemens ran out of gas early. From the Wichita Eagle:

Nine years after retirement, Clemens didn’t possess anything like the fastball velocity he used to strike out 4,672 batters – third all-time – over 24 seasons . . . He couldn’t survive a third inning in which he allowed two hits and hit two batters. Ware’s single came on Clemens’ 45th pitch, and he was removed by Stars pitching coach Dave LaRoche, a former major-league pitcher.

Clemens was described as “wily,” though, and he obviously has forgotten more about pitching in the past couple of days than anyone in that tournament will ever know. He’s 54, though, and according to LaRoche it was Clemens’ call to come out of the game, saying he didn’t have anything left.

Clemens’ team is still advancing to the quarterfinals — it’s not a single elimination tournament — but Clemens’ work is probably over. The lede of the story is a happy one, in which a young man named Brylie Ware talked about how mind-bending and insane it was that he got a hit off of Roger Clemens of all people. But even if you’re not a Roger Clemens fan, this little bit still makes you stop for a moment:

Ware, a former Sedgwick High player who was an All-American for Neosho this spring while leading the nation in batting average, home runs and RBIs, may be the last hitter Clemens ever faces in a competitive environment.

Clemens left to a standing ovation.