Author: Craig Calcaterra

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The 2015 schedule is out. We could have another November World Series.


Major League Baseball has just released its tentative schedule for the 2015 season. It starts a bit later and ends a bit later than usual. It begins with ESPN’s “SundayNight Baseball” on April 5.  A full slate of 15 Opening Day games is currently set for Monday, April 6The season ends on Sunday, October 4.

Which is not unprecedented. I fondly recall watching the final game in the old ballpark in Cleveland on October 3, 1993 while scoreboard watching the end of the Braves-Giants NL West race that year. Of course, back in 1993, the playoffs were nothing more than a league championship series and a World Series. It was much simpler then. Game 6 of the World Series that year concluded on October 23.

In the two-year history of the wild card play-in game, the season ended earlier one year — on September 29 last year — and as on October 3, once again, in 2012. Last year, a Game 7 of the World Series would’ve been on October 31. In 2012 a Game 7 would’ve been on November 1. Worth noting that in 2012, we also had 20 degree temperatures in Detroit for Games Three and Four.

Presumably, then, the playoff schedule for next season will either be compacted somehow or else we’ll have another year when the World Series, if it goes the distance, will end in November. Here’s hoping for Derek Jeter’s sake that, if it does, no one hits three homers in a Game 7 or something, because then The Captain would lose one of his nicknames.

Of course, MLB might be in a damned if they do, damned if they don’t situation. If they started earlier, they’d risk snow-outs as we’ve seen in past years. And, it’s worth noting, the weather was just fine in Boston last October 31, so if they had played a Game 7 that day it would’ve been OK. You can’t predict weather — well, not this far in advance anyway — and if you’re going to have several rounds of playoffs, a 162-game season and no scheduled doubleheaders, you’re dancing with Jack Frost on one end of the schedule or the other.

Heck, it may be better to risk a cold World Series game. Those tickets are already sold and the commercial time is already on the books. And it’s just one or two games affected. If you get a blizzard on Opening Day, those teams are out a lot of gate, I imagine.

By not losing 100 games, the Astros cost a furniture store $4 million

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There’s a furniture store in Texas which promised a certain number of customers who spent a certain amount of money on furniture a refund if the Houston Astros didn’t lose 100 games this year. Yesterday’s win ensures that the Astros will lose no more than 99 games. Ergo:

One assumes that Mattress Mack is not insane and that he either had insurance for the stunt or else has such margins on his items that this is merely $4 million in advertising costs which have paid off. Heck, you didn’t even know who this guy was until I just posted this. So well done, Mack.

Josh Hamilton out again today

Josh Hamilton

Josh Hamilton will miss a fourth straight game today, as he’s out of the lineup with a sore shoulder/neck once again for today’s tilt against the Indians.

Hamilton has received injections in his neck over the weekend and is supposedly feeling better. But given the Angels’ comfortable lead in the AL West right now, it makes no sense to rush him. A healthy Hamilton in October is way more important.

Deep Thoughts: Derek Jeter’s ceremony looked more like a funeral

Jeter wreath

I think Derek Jeter himself has handled everything about his farewell tour perfectly. From his initial press conference in spring training when he basically told everyone to chill out and let him go play baseball to his speech yesterday which (a) avoided over-sentimentality; and (b) ended with the idea that, hey, we have to play baseball, he has done nothing for which he can be criticized. If he didn’t announce his retirement beforehand he’d be asked about it every damn day. That he did ensured that the Yankees and Major League Baseball would make a big deal out of it and he’s handled the big deal with, as always, the utmost professionalism

But man, that ceremony yesterday was weird. Not just that it was long or that it was somewhat over-the-top, what with people in space stations and sports stars from other sports putting in appearances. I mean, it’s the Yankees. Their motto may as well be “Go big or go home.” I’d expect nothing less from them.

No, it was weird because the visuals made it seem like a funeral. I mean, would you bat an eye if the first time you saw this wreath thing was at some point in the future when Jeter actually died and it was sitting on his grave?

source: AP

And the luminaries who attended, what with their dark suits and dark glasses in folding chairs:


Didn’t they look like the first row of mourners at the Don’s funeral in “The Godfather?” All that was missing was Tessio coming over for a meeting.

This is almost over. And while it will be sad to see Jeter play his last game, it won’t be at all sad to see people trying to make it far more momentous and sentimental than Jeter himself would likely ever want.