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Lloyd McClendon

Lloyd McClendon hired to manage the Toledo Mud Hens


Lloyd McClendon’s unemployment didn’t last too terribly long. John Wagner of the Toldeo reports that he’s been hired to manage the Tigers’ Triple-A affiliate Toledo Mud Hens.

McClendon, of course, spent several years in the Tigers organization coaching under Jim Leyland. After Leyland stepped down and Brad Ausmus took over the Tigers, McClendon managed the Mariners for two seasons, going 163-161 in two years before being shoved out when a new baseball operations department took over. McClendon managed the Pirates once upon a time too, but that seems like eons ago.

Congrats on the gig, Lloyd. And preemptive congratulations on the, oh, four-to-six weeks you’ll likely spend as the Tigers interim manager at some point in the next year or two.

Curt Schilling likely getting subpoenaed today for his Rhode Island shenanigans

Curt Schilling

At the outset, it’s probably worth noting that a state authority in Rhode Island can’t enforce a subpoena sent to a person in Massachusetts. And, even if you’re the most adamant Curt Schilling critic on the planet, it’s hard to argue against the notion that the overarching investigation from which this subpoena is coming seems to be some pretty obvious political grandstanding. They would’ve prosecuted him for something if they could’ve come up with something, but this, now, is a political body trying to make political hay out of a fat target, even if he is an understandably tempting one.

All of that said, it’s funny to imagine what sorts of tweets and Facebook posts Schilling will fire off once the subpoena actually comes to his door:

Rhode Island House Speaker Nick Mattiello will sign a subpoena Monday compelling Curt Schilling, founder of the failed video game company 38 Studios, to testify before the House Oversight Committee, which is examining the state’s $75 million deal with the company.

The committee voted unanimously Thursday to issue the subpoena, and Mattiello’s office confirmed Friday he will sign it next week.

Given his track record I expect Schilling to compare Rhode Island with various communist and/or fascist regimes or perhaps the Galactic Empire. Too bad he’s blocked me on every social media platform this side of Friendster. Someone tell me if anything good comes of it.

Robinson Cano reportedly unhappy in Seattle, would like to go back to New York

Robinson Cano

Last week Andy Van Slyke made the news for, among other things, ripping Robinson Cano in a radio interview, claiming that he was lazy, loafed and ended up getting coaches fired in Seattle. There has been a ton of criticism of Van Slyke for saying that, and today John Harper in the Daily News offers several quotes from the Mariners’ former third base coach, Rich Donnelly, defending Cano and his work ethic.

Buried deep in that story, however, is this bit:

So maybe Van Slyke is just so bitter about being fired that he needed someone to blame. But even if Cano has had the best intentions as a Mariner, one long-time friend who spoke to him recently says the second baseman is not happy in Seattle, especially with a new regime in charge there now, and that he’d love to somehow find his way back to New York.

One figures that after some Mariners PR people get to Cano and/or he makes public appearances and meets with the new manager Cano will come out whistling another tune about all of this, even if he is secretly unhappy in Seattle. And, of course, given his age and his contract, any sort of deal to send him back to New York is a pipe dream at the absolute best.

Sign for the big bucks in Seattle, deal with the big problems that tend to be fairly common in Seattle.