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Turner Field

The Braves will wear a patch commemorating their abandoning of Atlanta


Remember how, eight months before your divorce, your ex-wife started wearing a t-shirt with a logo on it talking about how she’d be leaving you? Haha, no, that’d be ridiculous and cruel.

In other news, the Atlanta Braves will be wearing a patch on their uniform sleeve marking the premature demise of Turner Field and their high-tailing it to the suburbs:

No word if Cobb Counter taxpayers underwrote the patches, but they probably did.

The Cubs sign Shane Victorino to a minor league deal

shane victorino getty

Ken Rosenthal reports that the Chicago Cubs have signed outfielder Shane Victorino to a minor league deal with an invite to spring training.

Given that the Cubs have a very full outfield at the moment, with fourth and fifth outfielders who could be starting lots of places, there will not be much room for the Flyin’ Hawaiian. But depth is depth and injuries happen and, worst case, this gives Victorino a chance to work out and play this spring with the hopes of catching on elsewhere.

Victorino played in 71 games between Boston and Anaheim last year and only 30 games in 2014. He was quite productive in 122 games back in 2013, when he was last fully healthy, so it’s not out of the question that he has a bit left in the tank for a backup role.

Move over Daniel Norris: Andrew Chafin lives in a camper too

Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Andrew Chafin reacts after earning his first save and defeating the San Diego Padres  7-2 during a baseball game, Sunday, June 21, 2015, in Phoenix. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)
Associated Press

Last yeat Tigers pitcher Daniel Norris got a lot of press by virtue of his living in a Volkswagen camper van. He’s not the only one eschewing stationary housing. Nick Piecoro reports on Diamondbacks reliever Andrew Chafin who likewise lives in an RV.

It’s a pretty different deal that Norris’, however. Chafin lives in a big fifth wheel (the large kind that is pulled from the bed of a pickup). My parents were full-time RVers¬†until very recently and, depending on the model you get, those things can be pretty fancy. My folks had two freakin’ bathrooms, leather recliners, flat screen TV and a dang kitchen island. Even if Chafin’s isn’t quite as ridiculous as my retired old parents’ fifth wheel was, it’s still likely a pretty nice setup.

Relative luxury aside, it’s still a distinctly different experience than that of most big league players who live in fancy houses or downtown condos. And certainly makes being traded or something a lot easier. The only downside is that if Chafin is traded, I won’t get to write a “Wanna buy Andrew Chafin‘s House?” post here. He’ll just hook it up to the pickup and roll on to the next town.