Author: Craig Calcaterra

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Chipper Jones and his cat enjoyed the National Championship Game last night


Chipper Jones in retirement: Hating Angel Hernandez, starting forest fires, having shade thrown his way by current Braves, saving stranded travelers and livetweeting the OSU-Oregon game last night via selfies:

Keep killing retirement, Chipper.

Daniel Nava may switch-off of switch-hitting

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This comes up from time to time for switch-hitters with extreme platoon splits. The Nats have considered asking Danny Espinsoa to stop switch-hitting.  Aaron Hicks did it. Shane Victorino. Even Chipper Jones gave it a moment’s thought when he had some power issues from one side in the middle of his career. It can be a touchy subject. But Daniel Nava and the Red Sox are considering it, and Nava seems OK with it. From Rob Bradford of WEEI:

“I have thought about it. Is it something I’m going to do? I don’t know. It’s a tough thing to do,” he said. “[Shane] Victorino did it a couple of years ago, just dropping it. It definitely runs through my head. It’s definitely something I’m considering doing, but at the same time it’s something I’ve never done. Would I even be effective lefty on lefty, or would it be better hitting against lefties from the right side. I would have to go out and give it a test run.”

Easier for Nava of course, as a guy who is fine facing righties as a lefty (he had a .372 OBP against righties last season). When a switch hitter has trouble with righties, however, not being a switch hitter can basically gobble up most of his playing time.

As it was, Nava hit .159/.209/.190 against lefties as a righty last season. And isn’t that much better as a righty in his career (.209/.287/.298). Nothing to lose by giving lefty vs. lefty a go now, right?

Cuban RHP Yoan Lopez signs with the Diamondbacks for $8.25 million

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Ben Badler of Baseball America reports that Cuban righthander Yoan Lopez has agreed to sign with the Diamondbacks for $8.25 million.

Badler says that Lopez, who is only 21, typically registers in low-90s, but that he has filled out some and his velocity has ticked higher at times. In Serie Nacional, Badler says that Lopez posted a 3.12 ERA with a 28-11 K-BB mark in 49 innings in seven starts. Read Badler’s whole scouting report here, including a video of Lopez’s fastball.

Badler thinks Lopez will begin in A-ball.