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The Braves sign Josh Outman


The Braves announced today that they have signed reliever Josh Outman. The lefty gets a one-year major league deal.

Outman, 30, pitched for the Indians and Yankees last year, posting an ERA of 2.86 in 40 games. He’s a LOOGY, so he only pitched 26 innings. He walked 16 dudes in those innings, though, which — yuck. Two were intentional, presumably to get to lefties, but still.

In other news, the Braves once employed Bob Walk. And, if they wanted to, could go out and get Grant Balfour.

John McDonald is retiring

Houston Astros v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

I’m assuming he held the news a day so’s not to steal the thunder of the Hall of Famers, but journeyman infielder John McDonald has announced his retirement.

McDonald played for eight teams over a 16-year major league career [checks Totally does a double take, realizing that, yes, McDonald was a 16-year big leaguer]. He lasted that long because, for most of his career, he was a downright spiffy defensive shortstop who could handle second, third and even play some outfield. There are a lot of guys who profile as utilitymen. Not many stick around as long as McDonald did. Keeping him from starting was a pretty poor bat, but nobody’s perfect.

So, so long, former Indian, Blue Jay, Diamondback, Pirate, Phillie, Red Sock, Angel and Tiger! Enjoy retirement.

Three teams are reportedly interested in Ichiro

New York Yankees' Suzuki runs and watches the ball after he hit a walk-off home run to beat the Texas Rangers in their MLB American League game in New York

We’ve heard that the Orioles have poked around and that the Marlins have kicked the tires, but Bob Nightengale reports that a third team — the Jays — are now possibly interested in Ichiro Suzuki’s services.

Ichiro, 41, has made $6.5 million each of the past two seasons. But after four seasons with an aggregate line of .275/.308/.353 with 104 stolen bases, he’s going to have to take a big paycut and most likely serve as a fourth or fifth outfielder.

Photo of the Day: Randy Johnson could maybe use a smaller jersey


I like that the Hall of Fame gives inductees Hall of Fame jerseys for their press conferences. I wish someone at the Hall of Fame, however, had anticipated Randy Johnson’s election, however, and maybe considered getting him one that fit him:

I suppose it’s possible that was intended to be Roger Clemens’ jersey. He’s packed on quite a few pounds since he retired. Oh well. At least Johnson now has a tent to take with him on his next vacation.

Quote of the Day: Pedro Martinez says Mets fans “settle for what they have”

pedro martinez mlb network

Pedro Martinez was talking to the press a few moments ago. He said this:


In other news, Pedro Martinez needs to do more TV.