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Bryce Harper suspended for one game


I suspected this would happen and now it has happened: Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper has received a one-game suspension and an undisclosed fine for his actions following his ninth inning ejection against the Tigers the other night.

“His actions,” according to MLB, “included returning to the field, during Monday night’s game against the Detroit Tigers at Nationals Park” after he was ejected. The press release did not mention his F-bomb to the umpire, but I imagine if that hadn’t have happened he wouldn’t have gotten the single game suspension. For what it’s worth, however, managers have been suspended in the past for not leaving the field following their being ejected or for returning later. Ask Bobby Valentine and his mustache about that.

Harper’s suspension had been scheduled to be served tonight, but he has elected to file an appeal. I would guess that he’ll just drop the appeal when he wants a day off on, say, a day game after a night game, as MLB is unlikely to reduce a one-game suspension to zero games.

I like Harper’s game overall and I’m not gonna lose my sleep over a young man getting caught up in the moment. But you can’t just come back on the field and start cussin’ out Blue and not expect a little blowback. This is the blowback and it’s not too bad. He should probably consider himself pretty lucky that MLB acted reasonably here and didn’t get too caught up in Bryce Harper Derangement Syndrome like some quarters of the media and the fan base at large do.

Todd Frazier needs stitches in his lip after diving into the stands

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White Sox third baseman Todd Frazier hit a homer during today’s White Sox-Rangers game. That’s good! But then later he needed five stitches to fix a cut on his lower lip after diving into the stands to chase down a foul ball. That’s bad! The cut doesn’t seem too severe, as he is considered day-to-day. That’s good!

Unfortunately the medication used to treat the cut contains potassium benzoate. That’s . . . [that’s bad].

You can see the play here. Seems he knocked his mouth into a seat. Sorry dude.

Miguel Cabrera to start at third base tonight

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This is fun. Or, if you’re a certain type of Tigers fan, scary. Either way, Miguel Cabrera is making his first start at third base since August 12, 2014 in tonight’s game against the Nationals.

The point is to get Nick Castellanos some rest. An odd time for it given that he’s swinging a hot bat, but a move which makes some sort of sense given that they’re playing without the DH and that puts Victor Martinez at first base.

Still, when the opponent is Max Scherzer, you do what you can do to max out your lineup and Brad Ausmus thinks that having Cabrera and Martinez in the lineup at the same time is the way to max it out. Against Max.