Author: Craig Calcaterra

Marcus Stroman

Marcus Stroman gets a six-game suspension


Yesterday there was a report that Marcus Stroman wouldn’t get a suspension for throwing at Caleb Joseph’s head the other night. Thank goodness that report was wrong. Or, at the very least, thank goodness MLB changed its mind if that initial report did reflect the league’s thinking at the time:

Pitcher Marcus Stroman of the Toronto Blue Jays has received a six-game suspension and an undisclosed fine for intentionally throwing a pitch in the head area of Caleb Joseph of the Baltimore Orioles in the bottom of the sixth inning of the Monday, September 15th game at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Joe Garagiola, Jr., Senior Vice President of Standards & Operations for Major League Baseball, made the announcement.

Stroman’s suspension had been scheduled to begin tonight, when the Blue Jays are to continue their series at Baltimore. However, he has elected to appeal. Thus, his suspension will be held in abeyance until the process is complete.

There’s no place for headhunting in Major League Baseball. Glad to see Major League Baseball agrees.

And in Atlanta, we have our first “we’re all hungover” lineup of September

Washington Nationals celebration

I love lineups the day after someone clinches a division title. Most if not all of the regulars are given the day off, partially as a reward, partially because you know they drank their weight in champagne the night before. Especially if they’re on the road and didn’t have to do things like drive automobiles, take the dog out for a morning walk or otherwise be functioning adults before the game.

Today in Atlanta I give you the Washington Nationals’ post-clinch lineup:

1. Michael Taylor, CF
2. Danny Espinosa, 2B
3. Kevin Frandsen, 3B
4. Tyler Moore, 1B
5. Nate Schierholtz, RF
6. Steven Souza, LF
7. Jeff Kobernus, 2B
8. Sandy Leon, C
9. Blake Treinen, SP

There are no regulars. Not even the starting pitcher.

If you’re the sort who bets on baseball games, you may be thinking it’s a good day to bet on the Braves. To that I’d say, well, you may be underestimating the Braves’ commitment to their increasingly typical September collapse, so bet carefully.

“The Beltway Series” would be geographically incorrect, but they’ll call it that anyway


If the Orioles and Nationals both make the World Series, it will almost certainly be called “The Beltway” series. As someone who lived in D.C. for a few years this irks me a little bit, because technically speaking it would not be a “Beltway Series.”

The Royals and Cardinals played an “I-70” World Series, as I-70 connects those two cities. The Yankees and Mets played a “Subway Series” because you can take the subway from one park to another. If the Angels and Dodgers meet, it will be a “Freeway Series” for the same reason. Obviously the Cardinals and Royals took charter planes from city to city and obviously the Mets and Yankees didn’t actually take the Subway to get to the ballpark. But one could, if one wished, take the mode of transportation mentioned in the name from one ballpark to another.

Not so the Beltway. There are two of them, actually. The Capital Beltway, which is I-495 (and in parts, just 495/95) and the Baltimore Beltway, which is I-695. They don’t meet. They merely encircle their respective cities. Navigationally speaking, you’d be better served calling a Marlins-Tigers World Series “The I-75 Series” than you would using either Beltway as a signifier. If you tried to take the Beltway from D.C. to Baltimore, you’d forever be traveling in a circle, except when you’re at a complete stop near Tysons Corner.

Of course, this is one of those deals where it doesn’t matter what is correct. They’re going to call it the Beltway Series if it happens, even if it’d be better to call it the DC/MD-295/B-W Parkway Series. That’s because it’s way harder to put “DC/MD-295/B-W Parkway Series” on a T-shirt.

The Orioles call up Christian Walker

orioles logo

With Chris Davis taking a 25-game powder, the Orioles needed a corner infielder to help out. They just called one up: Christian Walker.

An interesting move, in part because they now will put Walker on the 40-man roster, starting his service clock. Also interesting because Walker himself could be an interesting player. A fourth round pick out of South Carolina a couple of years back, Walker has a lot of raw power — he’s hit 26 homers across two levels this summer — and can hit lefties, which may be pretty useful.

Umpire Joe West suspended for one game for his part in the Jonathan Papelbon incident

Joe West Jonathan Papelbon

Major League Baseball announced today that Joe West has been suspended for one game without pay for grabbing Jonathan Papelbon’s jersey during his game-ending display on Sunday. Joe Torre’s comment:

“Joe West handled himself appropriately in ejecting Papelbon after the player’s lewd gesture to the fans.  I fully understand that Joe was reacting to a player who was acting aggressively, and can understand his frustration with the situation.  However, Joe knows that an umpire cannot initiate physical contact with a player just as a player cannot initiate physical contact with an umpire.  I spoke to Joe about the incident, and he admitted that there was a better way to handle the situation.  I consider this matter closed.”


He’ll serve his suspension tonight. He was slated to work the Yankees-Rays game.