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A-Rod looking to come back on May 19


Alex Rodriguez and his bum hamstring are hoping to be activated from the disabled list when first eligible on May 19, A-Rod said last night.

“That’s the hope,” Rodriguez said. “I’ll have a much better answer over the next 48 hours to see how I recover from these two days, but so far, so good.”

A-Rod has started hitting off a tee and taking soft toss and hopes to work out on the field in the next few days. He said the pain in his right hamstring is gone and now it’s a matter of starting and stopping running and little bursts like that.

On the year he’s hitting only .194/.274/.444, but he had homered in three of his last five games before hitting the disabled list.

A Mets fan loses a bet, gets a giant, ugly Bartolo Colon tattoo


This smelled like a fake story when I heard it the other day, but now I’ve seen it picked up by and the Daily News and other places so all I can conclude is that people with judgment this poor really do exist.

The person: a guy named Matt Sassi, a Mets fan, who made a bet with a friend at the beginning of the season that he would get a Bartolo Colon tattoo if Colon hit a home run this season. Given that Colon had played so long and grown so old without ever hitting a dinger it wasn’t exactly a high risk bet, but when the stakes are so high, even a seemingly sure thing strikes me as dangerous.

Yet, here we are. And here he is, with a really bad tattoo:

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 9.03.47 AM

The explanation:

There are few things in the world less important than a mans word. In this case, a statement was made at the beginning of the season, and it came true. Matt Sassi said to his buddy, Anthony Triola: “If Bartolo Colon hits a home run this year, I’ll get a commemorative tattoo”. Before the game on Saturday I met them in McFadden’s and they told me about this bet. You’d think, ok… that’s not happening. Right? WRONG!
Coolest part of the bet was that they were both there to witness the feat in person. Matt is a Middletown, NY native that moved to San Diego. What were the odds that Bart would be on the hill the day of our invasion? What are the odds he’d go yard? Slim to damn near impossible.

Matt could have chickened out and not gotten it at all, or gotten something small that could easily have been hidden. Instead he went balls to the freakin’ wall with pretty much a half sleeve. Tossed THE 7 LINE ARMY on there for good measure and added the date of Bart’s now famous swing.
You manned up, Matt. Bravo.

If that’s “manning up,” I’d be pretty happy with chickening out, but you be you, Mr. Sassi.

Video: A cat ran amok at the Cardinals-Angels game last night


I’m such a crazy cat lady that, if I allowed myself, I’d turn this whole website into CatTalk and do nothing but post pictures, memes and videos of cats all day. But I don’t allow myself to do that because I realize I am a sick, sick man and that I have a problem and I’m not going to let it take over my life any more than it already has. NBC pays me for baseball talk and tolerates my thinly-veiled communist propaganda, but if I went full-cat freak, they’d probably fire me. One day at a time.

But when a cat gets loose on a baseball field, hey, serendipity. And even if you’re not a crazy cat lady, this video is worth it simply for the reactions and the camera work once the cat makes it into the stands. The part where you can’t actually see the cat yet know exactly where he is makes this thing. It’s like some old cartoon or something.

Fun times: