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Maicer Izturis is in the best shape of his life


There was a Blue Jays “State of the Franchise” event last night and John Gibbons was asked about who was going to play second base for Toronto. While he noted that there are four candidates, one of whom is Maicer Izturis, he said:

“Izturis is in the best shape of his life.”

So I guess that’s settled.

(Thanks to Rik for the heads up)

Billy Butler takes some hacks in Athletics gold. And looks weird.

butler getty

As is the case every year, there will be a lot of players putting on new uniforms for the first time later this month. To some extent they always look a bit off at first. I mean, there are fewer things in life that looked weirder to me than seeing Robinson Cano in Mariners get-up last year. It always takes a while for it to look normal.

The first glimpse of anyone in a new uniform (non-press conference edition) is Billy Butler of the Athletics, who was apparently filming a commercial yesterday and thus donned some A’s Gold:

I dunno man, that just seems odd. And not particularly flattering.

SiriusXM and SABR launch a new radio show

Old radio

Tired of sports yakkers talking about how so-and-so needs to give “110 percent?” Here’s a show for you that will be about more sensible numbers:

SiriusXM will team up with the Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) to launch a new show focused on examining and interpreting the statistical analysis that plays a critical role in baseball today.

Behind the Numbers: Baseball SABR Style on SiriusXM will debut on Sunday, February 15 (7:00-8:00 pm ET) and air weekly throughout the year onMLB Network Radio, available to subscribers nationwide on XM channel 89, Sirius channel 209 and on the SiriusXM Internet Radio App.

The show will be hosted by Vince Gennaro, SABR’s President. And, like, probably a robot or something.

Wade Miley signs a three-year contract with the Red Sox

wade miley getty

Wade Miley just had his arbitration years bought out by the Red Sox:

The third year is a team option.

Miley, 28, posted a 4.34 ERA and 183/75 K/BB ratio in 201 1/3 innings over 33 starts this past season. He was set to go to arbitration with the Red Sox. He had filed for $4.3 million and the Red Sox had filed for $3.4 million. So he’s getting a substantial raise over what he could’ve gotten this year, with the Sox no doubt hoping they’ll come out ahead in years two and three. Either way, he still stands to be a free agent following the 2017 season.

Victor Martinez tore a meniscus in his knee last week, needs surgery

Victor Martinez

Bad news for the Tigers:

The Tigers just signed Martinez to a four-year, $68 million deal. Now he’s going under the knife.

In the past, players who have had surgery to repair similar injuries have missed 4-6 weeks. That would blow a big hole in Martinez’s spring training, but would still mean that he’d be available for the great majority of the season.

UPDATE: Or, maybe not. Depends what the doctors find when they operate: