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A-Rod being sued by his ex-brother-in-law over a real estate deal


I’ll defend the guy against attacks over his workout regimen, but I gotta tell ya, A-Rod is not exactly high on my list of “folks with whom I think it’d be a good idea to get into a business deal.” From The Real Deal:

The controversial slugger, who is prepping for spring training in Miami after serving out a 162-game suspension, is being sued by his former brother-in-law over an Edgewater property. Constantine Scurtis is suing Rodriguez in Miami-Dade Circuit Court over claims the baseball star reneged on him in an agreement to invest in property in the Edgewater neighborhood, according to a published report.

That said, I would love to take A-Rod’s deposition. You know you could drive him absolutely crazy by acting like you don’t know that much about him.

Lawyer: State your name and occupation.

A-Rod: Alex Rodriguez. Professional baseball player.

Lawyer: Yeah? Like, in the major leagues?

A-Rod [agitated]: Yes, I’m Alex Rodriguez. I play for the New York Yankees.

Lawyer: Wow! Do you know Derek Jeter?

A-Rod: . . . yes. I was his teammate for many, many years.

Lawyer: What position do you play? Are you the, um, ball-throwing guy? The guy who throws the ball to the hitter guys?

A-Rod: No. I’m a third baseman.

Lawyer: Wait, that can’t be. Chase Headley is the Yankees third baseman. I’m sure of it.

And so on. By the time you get to the substance he’d be so worked up he’d say all kinds of things he didn’t intend to say.

(thanks to Dan N. for the heads up)

People have been complaining about the Yankees payroll for at least 112 years.

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They weren’t the Yankees then — in 1903 they were the Highlanders — but it’s the same tune people sing today:

Earlier that spring, the famous sportswriter Ezekiel Klapisch ripped Jack Chesboro for briefly quitting smoking in order to get ready for the season.

Yankees, Red Sox “heavy favorites” for Yoan Moncada

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Fangraphs’ Kiley McDaniel reports that the Yankees and Red Sox are the “heavy favorites” to sign Cuban infielder Yoan Moncada.

Moncada, who is still just 19, is considered a fantastic prospect. He’s expected to land a contract in the $30-40 million range. He’s still not eligible to be signed, however, as he has not received official clearance from the United States’ Office of Foreign Assets Control and won’t be able to start negotiating with teams until he gets that clearance.

The Rockies have “mild interest” in trading for Dan Haren. Dan Haren not too keen on it.

Dan Haren Getty

A short story in two tweets:

And this — pointed out by Marc Normandin of SB Nation — from Dan Haren, back in October:

Haren is already threatening retirement if he can’t convince the Marlins to trade him back to Los Angeles somehow. If they traded him to Colorado he may consider auto-defenestration.

Professional baseball player excoriated for attempting to get into baseball shape during the offseason

Alex Rodriguez

As any HBT reader knows, there is a cottage industry devoted to stories about baseball players getting into shape in the offseason. Claims are made about workout regimens, photos of slimmed-down or bulked-up players are posted to social media and the notion that so-and-so is in The Best Shape of His Life is used, almost uniformly, as a means of either praising a player for his work ethic or suggesting that, perhaps, his recent struggles are a thing of the past and that he’ll be newly productive in the coming year.

But for one player, reports that he is working out and trying to best prepare himself for the upcoming season are evidence that he is a conniving and manipulative S.O.B. and just what in the HELL is he trying to pull?!  Ladies and Gentlemen, Bob Klapisch:

Surely Alex Rodriguez had a reason for recently posting Instagram pictures of himself hitting in the cage and taking grounders. A-Rod was sending a message to the Yankees, no mystery there. The real question is whether he thinks he can change anyone’s mind about playing third base – or just playing, period . . . Is that why those pictures found their way to Instagram? To let Joe Girardi know it’s going to be an uncomfortable camp?

The Instagram pictures in question can be seen here. There are only two of them (other workout pictures there are from a year ago). In one he is taking groundballs, with the caption “back where I started.” Referring quite clearly to Christopher Columbus High School, on whose field he is taking said grounders. The other is him in a batting cage, with the caption “Starting the year in the cage.”

The fallout to these pictures as been comical. In addition to Kalpisch’s conviction here that A-Rod is trying to cause trouble are stories from the other New York tabloids about how “A-Rod didn’t get the memo” that he’s not the Yankees starting third baseman anymore, and thus him taking some grounders MUST be evidence of either his stupidity or his manipulation. This despite the fact the writers of these stories all acknowledge that Rodriguez, even if he is not the Yankees’ starting third baseman, may serve as a backup option for Chase Headley at third and, if injuries or other things happen, may be asked to play some first base.

Alex Rodriguez is a professional baseball player. He is under contract. There is a chance that he may play some defense in the coming year, even if that’s not he’ll be asked to do on a regular basis. What’s more, he’s been out of baseball for a while and is getting old for a baseball player, which one would think necessitates being in the best shape he can possibly manage simply to hold his own. It would be a story if he was not working out. That the fact that he is working out is now a story tells you way more about the people writing about him than it tells about him.