Author: Craig Calcaterra

Bronze cap

Derek Jeter will be presented with a bronze cap tonight


This is fun: Prior to tonight’s Yankees game New Era CEO Chris Koch will be presenting Derek Jeter with a bronzed version of the New Era 59FIFTY cap:


It would be awesome if, as with everything else, they made the rest of the Yankees get one too. They’d all have to play the Blue Jays wearing bronze caps. Sure, it would be difficult, but you can’t deny that it would be the ultimate in RE2PECT.

OK, in all seriousness, this is cool. Also, in all seriousness, go read this editorial about Jeter Fatigue by Jay Gordon over at River Ave. Blues. Obviously he and the RAB folks are Yankees fans, and obviously we’re not all going to feel the same away about this stuff that they are. I’m cool with that. They can have and enjoy every last drop of the Jeter stuff without our critical words as long as they can acknowledge that, no, we really don’t feel the same way about it as they do.

It’s like music. They like Rush, we don’t, and we don’t say a . . .

OK, bad example. But you know what I mean.

UPDATE: It’s now 6-3 Dodgers, as Clayton Kershaw masterfully pitches to the score

Clayton Kershaw

UPDATE: Oh, so I see how it is. Kershaw IS going to pitch to the score. It’s now 6-3 Dodgers. Which, on the Kershaw scale, is practically a meltdown.

3:00PM: I feel like making Clayton Kershaw’s life even easier than it already is is a dumb move, but what do I know? The Cubs know what they’re doing, I’m sure:


Kershaw is going for his 20th win. Let’s see if he pitches to the score to get it or if he simply mows down the Cubs like he mows everyone else down.

Great moments in rookie hazing: making Joc Pederson get the Dodgers coffee

joc pederson getty

I am really not a fan of the typical late season rookie hazing you see from most big league teams. It’s usually just making rookies dress up in silly costumes. Most of the time it’s drag or something close to it, with the joke being “haha, you’re wearing a dress.” Which is pretty much caveman stuff at best, often disturbing at worst.

But the Dodgers seem to be taking a different tack. At least with Joc Pederson. They made him get coffee, in uniform, on the streets of Chicago:

If you have to haze, this seems a way better way to go. It’s annoying to the victim, but not humiliating. Plus: you get coffee out of the deal.

Major League Baseball is opening up a Latin American Headquarters

dominican republic flag-thumb-175x116-6120

The press conference for this will be on Monday so that’s when you’ll hear more about it. But this is from the press release I just got:

Major League Baseball will hold a press conference to launch its new Latin American headquarters in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The office will serve as the central location for MLB initiatives, including education, community affairs and coaching clinics, in addition to tournaments and showcases.

That’s neat. And probably smart. There are a lot of excesses and a lot of lack of oversight in Latin American scouting, both on the sides of players and their representatives and on the side of MLB-affiliated scouts. More direct oversight of this is probably good.

If the Tigers sweep the Royals, the AL Central race is over. I think.


Just messing around with this weekend’s big series between the Royals and the Tigers. I know that no matter what happens the loser of that division has a good shot of getting a Wild Card, but let’s forget about that for the moment. What I’m wondering is if the AL Central race can be put away this weekend, one way or the other.

I’m thinking the only scenario that does that is a Tigers sweep. They’re up by a half game right now. But let’s call it a one game lead for the Tigers since the Royals have to finish a suspended game on Monday with the Indians which they are losing 4-2 in the 10th inning. I guess they could win that still, but let’s play the odds and call it, practically speaking, a loss. That puts the Tigers up by one.

If the Royals sweep, they’ll have a two-game lead in the Central. If the Royals take two of three, it’s tied. If the Tigers take two of three, they have a two-game lead. Obviously a tie in the division come Sunday evening means nothing was decided. A two-game lead with a week to play is not fun, but it’s doable.

But if the Tigers sweep? That’s a four-game lead for Detroit with a week to play. And, historically speaking, that’s hard to overcome. I did some checking of some of the more obvious collapses in recent years and, while there have been some doozies, they have been collapses over weeks, not mere days. At least for the most part. I could not find a specific, seven-day collapses which erased four-game leads.

In 2009 the Tigers were up three games with four to go and lost in a game 163 playoff to the Twins. In 2012 the Rangers were up three and lost the division by 1. The Brewers in 1982 almost did. The Orioles trailed the Brewers by three games with four to play and won the first three of a four game series before falling short. The 1964 Phillies blew a 4.5 game lead in the space of five days, but that wasn’t quite at the end of the season as they were behind the Cardinals for the final six games of the year.

There may be some I’m missing, but even if I am, I think it’s safe to say that a four-game lead with a week to go is really, really darn hard to overcome. So it’s probably safe to say that if the Tigers sweep the Royals this weekend, the division is theirs.

Or it’s safe to say that my powers to jinx are really, really excellent.