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The Yankees remove Ivan Nova from the rotation


The Yankees rotation has just not been there for them in the second half, be it due to health or ineffectiveness. Here’s some on ineffectiveness:

Nova gave up six runs over just 1 2/3 innings in his last start Saturday against the Blue Jays, lifting his season ERA to 5.11. He had a 3.42 ERA in four first half starts, a 5.88 ERA in ten second half starts.

Stolen Red Sox World Series ring found during a drug raid

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Fact: in Massachusetts, Red Sox World Series rings are actually legal tender! At least among some folks, anyway.

The associated press reports that police conducting a raid at a suspected drug dealer’s home in Quincy, Massachusetts found a stolen 2004 Red Sox World Series ring in the booty. In addition to that, they found a “significant” number of oxycodone pills, money-counting machines, police scanners and $9,000 in cash.

Sadly, the ring belongs [belonged?] to a team employee, not a player or coach, so it’s nowhere near as fun of a story as it could be.

I just hope to God it wasn’t Bill James, or some hack columnist would accuse sabermetrics of being a gateway drug.

Josh Johnson to undergo a third Tommy John surgery

San Diego Padres Photo Day

With Barry Zito, we get some good news about an old pitcher who has had some rough times. With Josh Johnson nothing but more rough times. Jon Heyman reports that the Padres’ pitcher is going to undergo his third Tommy John surgery.

Johnson has has had numerous setbacks during his rehab from his second Tommy John surgery and apparently his ligament snapped again. Heyman says that the right-hander plans to go through the rehab process again and attempt a return rather than hang it up. Which, being honest, I think most pitchers would do. The list of guys who have come back from three Tommy John surgeries is . . .  nonexistent.

Johnson, 31, has made just one rehab start and zero actual starts in the majors over the last two seasons due to his injuries. Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be hurlers.