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A-Rod is pretty zen about being released


Earlier today we wrote about the apparent winding down of Alex Rodriguez’s career and the buzz about the Yankees possibly releasing him before the end of the season. Today, when the Yankees’ clubhouse opened, he was asked about that.

If you think this was going to be controversial, think again. A-Rod seems to know what time it is. He’s pretty zen about it all, actually:

He also said that he thinks of himself as a teacher, suggesting that he has opened his mind to coaching. Or, given his business pursuits, doing something completely different.

Like we said earlier today: not the sort of way you figured his time in baseball would end, if indeed it is ending. No raging against the dying of the light. No scandal. Just an old player accepting that, yeah, he’s an old player.

We’re watching the end of a legendary and remarkable career, folks. In every sense of those terms.

The Indians place Danny Salazar on the DL with elbow inflammation

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Good news and bad news out of Cleveland. The good news: Danny Salazar, who noted last night that he’s been having elbow discomfort, had an MRI today that ruled out structural damage. Bad news: he has inflammation and is being placed on the 15-day disabled list. Brandon Guyer, who the Tribe acquired from the Rays yesterday, has assumed Salazar’s spot on the 25-man roster.

Salazar is expected to miss 2-3 weeks. It’s a big blow for the Indians, as Salazar has been having a fantastic year. The All-Star is 11-4 with a 3.38 ERA and a K/BB ratio of 133/51 in 117.1 innings. He’s been really wobbly his last couple of starts, however, and says that his elbow has been bothering him since before the All-Star break.

Matt Kemp calls Atlanta “a baseball town”


As my friends down south say whenever they encounter a misguided person: bless his heart.

Or at least bless his intentions. I’m sure Matt Kemp wants nothing more than to make a great impression in Atlanta and revive a career that, well, got him sent to Atlanta. But Matt: you and I are men of action. Lies do not become us:

Atlanta is a lot of things, but “baseball town” is not something it gets accused of being very often. At least not credibly. I think the knock on Atlanta for not selling out playoff games and things is a bit overstated — the Braves have a ton of fans, they’re just a lot more geographically dispersed than most teams thanks to TBS and their regional, as opposed to merely local appeal — but no one really thinks of Atlanta as a baseball town. College football? Boy howdy. Pro football? Sure. Folks in Atlanta like the Braves well enough, but it ain’t what people think of when they think “baseball town.”

Maybe, though, this isn’t Matt Kemp being misguided. Maybe he’s throwing shade at San Diego or Los Angeles. L.A. would be hard — they draw amazingly well, always — but it could be one of those “L.A. fans arrive late, leave early” things. Which is itself overstated in my experience, but that’s what people say. San Diego people don’t really turn out in droves for the Padres, but it’s not like they’ve been given much to turn out for over the years. Hard to blame them. It gets cold in that park at night.

Wait! I got it! The Braves head to St. Louis to play the Cardinals this weekend! He must be excited about the road trip. You can say what you want about the Cardinals and their fans, but you can’t say St. Louis is not a baseball town.

There. That’s it. Phew.