Author: Craig Calcaterra

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Local news digging deep into the Giants-Royals matchup


I’m trying to decide who this is aimed at or the sort of use to which a fan can put this information, but I guess this is largely accurate:

Sure, it could be updated to “Kansas City:Puddle of Mudd, San Francisco: Huey Lewis and the News,” but that may not do either city any favors.

Only one more full day without baseball people. We can make it through this together.

Josh Byrnes is likely to be the Dodgers GM

Josh Byrnes

Andrew Friedman is the head of baseball ops, and he plans on hiring a general manager beneath him, a la Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer in Chicago. Jon Heyman reports that the GM is likely to be former Dbacks and Padres GM Josh Byrnes:

Josh Byrnes, the former general manager of the Diamondbacks and Padres, is seen as a leading candidate for the top executive job under new club president Andrew Friedman with the Dodgers, league sources said.

Byrnes is viewed as a strong possibility to get the coveted job, as sources familiar with the situation say his experience is viewed as a plus for a storied, big-market team with heavy media coverage and add that his philosophy aligns with that of Friedman. The pair are also said to be fairly close, though a prior relationship had been less than obvious.

Figure all the big-picture thinking would be Friedman’s and that he would have veto power over the moves Byrnes and his folks bring to him.

Friedman: Mattingly will return as manager

Don Mattingly

This was expected, Joe Maddon-talk notwithstanding: Dodgers president Andrew Friedman said at his introductory press conference today that Don Mattingly will “definitely” be the club’s manager in 2015.

And Mattingly will not be a lame duck, as he is under contract through 2016. That give Friedman at least a year, and possibly two, to impress upon Mattingly that he needs to play his best players as much as possible.

The Royals are named after a livestock show? Who woulda thunk it?

royals logo

The Royals logo is basically a crown and their mascot is a lion, otherwise known as king of the beasts. So you’d be excused if you thought that the team’s name is based in some sort of nod to monarchical royalty. Nope. They’re named after a livestock show.

It’s called the American Royal, and it has been a Kansas City institution way, way longer than the baseball team has. Jared Diamond has the story about how the team got that name over at the Wall Street Journal. It’s worth it for more than just the story, though. It’s worth it because it contains the phrase “persistent anti-cow sentiments.”

Oh, and the idea that they got the name from the Negro League Kansas City Monarchs? Debunked. Although it’s possible the Monarchs got their names from the cattle show too.

I wonder what Lorde would think?