Author: Craig Calcaterra

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Carlos Carrasco criticized the Indians defense last night. Then he apologized.


The Indians lost to the Royals 2-0 last night. The Royals’ two runs came as a direct result of Indians’ defensive miscues. After the game starter Carlos Carrasco had this to say:

“Everything was good. Everything was perfect right there. We should have made those plays right there. It cost me two runs. I thought they had a pretty good chance of making those plays, but sometimes we don’t make them and it costs us runs.”

That is not exactly an excoriation, but it is more than you usually hear from a pitcher who is betrayed by his defense. The usual policy is to say nothing about it or to talk about it being a team effort or whatever.

Carrasco came in to the clubhouse this afternoon, however, and apologized for his comments:

Maybe so. But let’s be honest: Carrasco didn’t say anything about the Indians defense that Cleveland fans haven’t been saying all season. It’s been a remarkably poor defensive bunch.

The Mets are holding a conference call this afternoon

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This is fun:

We know that Alderson is getting an extension. It appears, however, that he is going to announce it himself. Which is odd. All because Jeff Wilpon doesn’t want to answer questions about anything.


The Orioles clinched home field in the division series last night

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I didn’t realize this until someone pointed it out to me a few minutes ago, but with the Tigers’ loss, the Orioles clinched home field advantage in their American League Division Series.

They still have an outside chance of catching the Angels for home field in theoretical ALCS — and would be at home in the ALCS if the Angels don’t make it that far regardless — but now the worst case scenario is one road playoff series. The American League has home field advantage in the World Series, remember, because THIS TIME IT COUNTS.

Edinson Volquez wants to re-sign with the Pirates

Edinson Volquez

Rob Biertempfel of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reports that Edinson Volquez is interested in re-signing with the Pirates:

“Why not?” Volquez said. “I think I signed in the right place with the right coaches. They made me a better pitcher this year. So, I’d like to stay here.”

Not a desperate plea or anything, and he says he does wonder sometimes where he’ll pitch, but he does like the Pirates. And he wants a two or three year contract.

Doesn’t seem like he’s worth the gamble. Volquez has put up a 3.15 ERA and 130/70 K/BB ratio in 185 and two-thirds innings this season, but it’s the first time since 2008 that he has had a better-than-league-average ERA. And in some of those years he has been among the worst regular starters in the game.