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Freddie Freeman has barfed seven times in two days


There’s being “sick,” there’s “flu-like symptoms” and then there’s “Oh my god, I’m the only legit star on the worst team in baseball and I have to come to the ballpark and endure this hell every single night.” Freddie Freeman has a case of the last one, it seems. From Mark Bowman at

“I don’t know what it is,” Freeman said. “I threw up about six times today and threw up once yesterday. That’s no excuse, but I just wasn’t feeling good.”

No one on the Braves is feeling particularly good given that they’re in San Diego. Where the Braves have lost their last 11 games, dating back to 2012. In that game Chipper Jones had a big hit and Mark Kotsay was a pinch runner. It may as well have been 35 years ago. Maybe Jerry Royster or Bruce Benedict had a big hit.

Freeman’s a ballplayer, though. He suited up because a sick and barfy Freeman is still orders of magnitude better than anyone else the Braves could’ve trotted out there last night. He struck out three times, but maybe for a few moments alone in the batter’s box his mind could wander a bit and he could pretend it was 2012 again and Chipper Jones and all those dudes were still back in the dug–[Freeman looks]


Charles Barkley takes batting practice. It was turrible.

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Charles Barkley was one of the greatest basketball players of all time. He’s a golfer. He’s one of the best studio hosts in all of sports. He’s funny and engaging and provocative.

But baseball is not his game.

He took batting practice with the Cubs yesterday before their game in Philly. Here’s how that looked:


So, how would you asses your form on that one, Charles?


Jared Goff meets Yasiel Puig, calls him “a really cool guy”


Back in 2013, quarterback Jared Goff tweeted that he hoped Yasiel Puig would take a fastball to the ribs. He was just 17 at the time, but tweets live forever. Unless you delete them, of course, and Goff never bothered to delete it. When Goff was drafted by the Rams in April Puig found the tweet and tweeted back at Goff that he’d have to come to Dodger Stadium soon. He wanted to be friends with his fellow Los Angeles sports star.

Yesterday Goff took Puig up on the offer. Rams rookies took batting practice with the Dodgers and Goff threw out the ceremonial first pitch. Puig caught it. Goff had kinder words for Puig last night then he did back when he was 17:

“We made up a long time ago and it was good to talk to him, he’s a really cool guy. It’s funny, it was something I tweeted when I was 17 years old and it came out now. He thought it was funny.”

He also got a #PuigMyFriend shirt:

Aww. Video: