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Darin Erstad

The Dodgers are going to interview Darin Erstad for their manager job


Ken Rosenthal reports that the Dodgers will interview former Angels outfielder/first baseman Darin Erstad for their vacant manager job.

Erstad had a 14-year career with one almost-out-of-nowhere great season in 2000 but otherwise merely workmanlike production. Still a valued presence on a roster, he was being offered part time jobs before he retired after the 2009 season in order to be with his young family. Since 2010 he has coached the University of Nebraska baseball team, first as an assistant but the head coach since 2011.

Gabe Kapler is viewed as the heavy favorite for the job, but the Dodgers will likely interview a few other candidates before settling on a new skipper.

Steven Matz is young, you guys

Steven Matz

NEW YORK — Live from Citi Field for Game 3 of the World Series! And, as you typically see in these situations, the next day’s starter is brought out for a press conference. For the Mets, that’s Steven Matz.

Matz, as you probably know, is from Long Island so there’s understandably a lot of local interest in him. To that end, most of the questions asked of him were about growing up as a Mets fan.

The first question was who his favorite Mets players were as a kid. He said Mike Piazza and Johan Santana then gave a shoutout to Endy Chavez’s catch from the 2006 NLCS as a particularly memorable moment from his youth. Then he was asked what it was like to be a Mets fan when “the Yankees seemed to win it all every year.”

I am fully aware of how old I am and how young Matz is. And I am further aware that Matz, at 24, is older than Noah Syndergaard and lots of other players around Major League Baseball. But it sure is jarring to me to hear the Johan Santana-era and the Yankees dynasty referred to as stuff that happened when a World Series starter “was growing up” or “was a kid.” That stuff happened about 15 minutes ago, didn’t it?

Here’s hoping Bartolo Colon, who is about two months older than me, is asked similar questions at a presser before this thing is over. I don’t know who he rooted for or if he even cared about U.S. baseball then, but I’d love to hear him talk about Andy Hawkins Yankees or something.

World Series experience? Bah, who needs it?

Noah Syndergaard

A couple of tweets from’s Richard Justice are probably worth thinking about the next time you hear commentators going on about World Series experience:


Those four, he notes, are Madison Bumgarner, Jaret Wright, Michael Wacha and Livan Hernandez, all of whom have been noted for their postseason heroics.

Also, to the extent your views on unwritten rules and respecting the game are premised on the need for players to conform to the local norms when playing, this is worth noting:


Viva the International Pastime.