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Teixeira: “I gave you everything I had. It wasn’t always enough but I tried my best”


An emotional Mark Teixeira announced his retirement at Yankee Stadium a few minutes ago.

He was misty from the outset of his presser, noting that “Teixerias are criers.” And he had clearly thought about what he wanted to say as he announced the beginning of the end of his career:

“After 14 years, it’s time for me to do something else . . . I got to live out my dream and had more success than I could ever imagine . . . I gave you everything I had. It wasn’t always enough but I tried my best. I’m proud to have a World Series ring with the Yankees.”

Teixeira, who now makes his home in Westchester County, New York, said he’d “be a Yankees fan forever.” He said “I’ll miss hitting a home run,” and “from seven to ten o’clock, I’ll miss that time.”

The Yankees have 54 games left. After that, Mark Teixeira’s career is over. If you enjoy him — and it’s pretty hard not to — enjoy those remaining games.

Nate Schierholtz suspended 80 games for PEDs


Life on the fringes?

Major League Baseball just announced that Nate Schierholtz has received an 80-game suspension after testing positive for Ibutamoren, which is a growth hormone.

Schierholtz, best known for his time with the Giants between 2007 and 2012, isn’t part of any organization right now. He last was in the bigs in 2014 with Cubs and Nationals. He played in Japan last year but didn’t do so great. He played 31 games for Toledo, the Tigers Triple-A team this year, but again wasn’t very effective. The Tigers released him at the end of May.

His suspension will be effective immediately upon his signing with another Major League organization, though at this point what are the odds of that happening?

Jonathan Lucroy explains his veto of the trade to Cleveland


Over at ESPN Jonathan Lucroy explains, in his own words, everything that went down a week ago when he was traded to Cleveland, only to veto the trade, before being traded to the Rangers.

It’s what you’ve seen reported: the Indians have Yan Gomes next year and he’s going to catch. Lucroy will be a free agent after next year and he didn’t want to go into the market having spent a year as a 1B/DH, which would undercut a big bunch of his value. It makes absolutely perfect logical sense and any of us in his shoes would make the same decision he did. He is very matter-of-fact about it. Refreshingly so.

He then goes on to give a blow-by-blow of how things played out after he rejected the trade. His last at bat, his uncertainty about traveling with the Brewers to their next stop in San Diego and, ultimately, his trade to Texas. It gives a nice glimpse into the life of a ballplayer in the middle of a season.

Good read.