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Trevor Bauer

Trevor Bauer built a drone. Been nice knowin’ y’all.


So Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer posted this last night:

How did he get those cool pictures? Oh, no big deal. He just built a drone in the offseason:

Someone get Miguel Montero to a sheltered area, and make it fast.

The Royals are considering an eight-man bullpen

royals logo

They had the best bullpen in all the land last year. Now they’re considering adding a guy to it:

To hear manager Ned Yost tell it, the Royals could open the season with an eight-man bullpen, one more than the usual number of relievers. The extra pitcher would provide insurance if [Luke] Hochevar needs extra time to ready himself for extended duty.

“It depends on where Hoch is at,” Yost said. “If we need to protect Hoch, then, probably. If we don’t need to protect Hoch, then probably not.”

If the Royals need a pinch hitter or a defensive replacement early in the season, you have a really, really good chance of getting in the game. Literally: you. Like, if you’re sitting near the Royals’ dugout, Yost may call on you due to a lack of position players.

The Rangers have signed Rougned Odor’s younger brother, Rougned Odor

Rougned Odor Rangers

When I first heard that there was a baseball player named “Rougned Odor,” I thought “wow, that’s a unique name!”  Guess not!

I think Drew’s take is spot-on:

We’re basically sliding into chaos and anarchy. As a society, I mean. And we’re just sitting and watching it happen.

Of course you want a dress made out of used Mets baseballs. Who wouldn’t?

mets logo

Question: does this come in a 42 regular? Asking for, um, a friend:

The dress was designed by the folks tweeting above. It’s made from actual used baseballs.

Of course, it had to be Mets-themed because baseballs owned by the Mets are probably the least-damaged ones that can be found.

Jay Z thought David Wells was Curt Schilling. Asked him about the bloody sock

jay-z getty

Jay Z may have made the Yankee hat more famous than a Yankee can, but he apparently doesn’t know a Yankees player when he sees one:

I hope against hope that Wells played it totally cool, went with it and explained to Jay Z that “yeah, I totally faked that crap for the glory. My ankle was fine. It was barbecue sauce, actually.” Then I hope he tried to explain to Jay Z how the Earth was 6,000 years old and how he would’ve gotten to be in the “Celebrity Jeopardy” sketch if he wasn’t a Republican.