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Bruce Bochy to rejoin Giants after being hospitalized last night


Giants manager Bruce Bochy was hospitalized in Miami last night and missed the Giants-Marlins game after he felt ill yesterday morning. No details about the nature of his illness were released, but the team said last night that he was resting comfortably and he is expected to rejoin the team today.

Bochy, 61, had stents inserted after experiencing heart trouble during spring training in 2015, but it is unclear if his hospitalization last night was in any way related to that. It’s good news that he’s expected to be back so soon, so here’s hoping it was nothing serious. He’ll likely talk about it when the Giants clubhouse opens this afternoon.

SHOCKER: The Red Sox will not hold a farewell ceremony for A-Rod


The Yankees play the Red Sox in a three-game series at Fenway Park beginning tonight. These will be Alex Rodriguez‘s final three games at the home of his team’s bitter rival before his retirement this Friday.

You will be shocked to learn that the Red Sox do not plan to do anything special for A-Rod to mark the occasion. From Rob Bradford at WEEI, who offers this news like the driest martini, served at noon in the Sahara Desert:

According to a team source, the Red Sox are not planning to honor Alex Rodriguez when the Yankees designated hitter begins his final series at Fenway Park Tuesday night.

In other news, PETA is not planning to honor Joe’s Kansas City BBQ, Batman is not planning to honor the Joker and house cats are not planning to honor vacuum cleaners.

Curt Schilling says he’s going to run for office

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It’s been a big 24 hours for polarizing athletes announcing their intentions to do stuff they’re not qualified to do. This morning it was Tim Tebow and baseball, last night it was Curt Schilling and politics.

Schilling was hard at work yesterday doing what he seems to spend most of his time doing — vigilantly passing along conservative memes and cherrypicking news stories to portray the world as a liberal-dominated hellscape — when someone said he was going to lose his upcoming election. Schilling corrected the person, noting that he’s not running for anything. Then, however, he teased that he would.

“I am going to run, soon,” Schilling said. When a commenter asked him for details he said, “state office first, white house in 8 years . . .or 4 if by some amazing illegal event this country elects another clinton.”

He added a smiley emoticon in there somewhere, suggesting at least part of that was tongue-in-cheek. If I had to guess from the tone and from his overall Facebook oeuvre, I’d say that he’s serious about the statewide office and that he seriously believes Hillary Clinton winning the election would somehow constitute an illegal act.

My guess is that he would not actually run for president, though. He probably knows he’s not yet qualified to do so. You have to have bankrupted far more businesses and failed in media far more than Schilling has to get the Republican nomination these days. He’s really an amateur by comparison.