Author: Craig Calcaterra

violet ripken

Remember when Cal Ripken’s mom was kidnapped? Yeah, it’s still unsolved.


In August 2012 Cal and Billy Ripken’s mother Violet was kidnapped. She was, thankfully, returned unharmed after 24 hours, but the perpetrators have never been caught.

It was huge news at the time but since then it has mostly been forgotten, even by Orioles fans, I reckon. But the case still lingers. With, oddly for a case involving a victim as high profile as Vi Ripken, almost zero traction.

Dave McKenna of Deadspin recently went to Aberdeen, Maryland and spoke to the lead investigator in the all-but-dormant case to see what’s what. His report about it all is really, really fascinating.

I bet Banacek would’ve solved this one by now. He was great.

Yoan Moncada’s situation could clear up soon and he could sign in a couple of weeks

cuba hat

We learned yesterday why there has been a holdup on Cuban prospect Yoan Moncada has not yet signed with anyone. An administrative holdup in which MLB is waiting for clearance from the Office of Foreign Asset Controls which the Office of Foreign Asset Controls does not think it necessary to give. That’s . . . not ideal.

Jeff Passan of Yahoo reported last night, however, that MLB officials and the government are discussing the matter and that it may soon be clarified:

MLB was drafting a letter to OFAC on Tuesday asking for a meeting in the near future to clarify the new regulations and potentially change league policy, which requires a specific unblocking license. Should a meeting take place soon, one league official estimated Moncada could be free to negotiate with teams within two weeks.

Sounds like simple confusion, mostly. And that, barring anything unexpected, Moncada should be able to report to camp with his new team. Whichever team it may be.


Pablo Sandoval made a half court basket while sitting on his butt

Pablo Sandoval

The coldest and absolute darkest week of the baseball offseason continues apace: