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Republican presidential candidate, businessman Donald Trump addresses supporters at a campaign rally, Monday, Dec. 21, 2015, in Grand Rapids, Mich. (AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

Randy Levine wrote an editorial that was basically pro-Donald Trump


Randy Levine started our day with an interview in which he claimed that Yankee Stadium did not get any public subsidies even though it got TONS of public subsidies. Like, hundreds of millions of dollars.

We end the afternoon with a link to an editorial he wrote for NewsMax railing against proposed changes to the delegate procedures at the Republican National Convention. It’s an editorial that, in essence, argues that the GOP is trying to rob Donald Trump of the nomination.

And, to be fair to Levine — who has a long history and a lot of experience in Republican politics — he’s probably right. I don’t really care about what goes on internally in the Republican Party, but it does seem like whatever is happening there is aimed at doing harm to the guy who has gotten more votes and won more primaries than anyone. To be clear, ALL of these sorts of rules, in both the Democratic and Republican party are written like this to support and help the candidates preferred by the party establishment. Hillary Clinton, while she also happens to have gotten far more votes than Bernie Sanders, is nonetheless getting a greater boost in delegates than some are pleased with due to some rules set by the party.

Still, even if Levine has a valid point, at the end of the day, he’s carrying a brief for Donald Trump. And that can’t feel particularly fulfilling, can it?

Two minor leaguers suspended for drugs

say no to drugs

Police blotter time.

Tampa Bay Rays minor League right-hander Damion Carroll and Detroit Tigers Minor League right-hander Spenser Watkins each have received 50-game suspensions following a second positive test for a Drug of Abuse. Carroll plays for the Single-A Charlotte Stone Crabs of the Florida State League. Watkins plays for the Single-A West Michigan Whitecaps of the Midwest League.

I’m always curious about which “drug of abuse” it is in these cases. And mindful that there are some drugs that major leaguers can take with impunity because they collectively bargained the right to not have it included in testing while minor leaguers are not given that right.

Ron Garden-hired: Ex-manager becomes a Twins special assistant

Ron Gardenhire

This is not the sort of thing that would normally get its own post, but I couldn’t resist the Garden-hired thing. Sorry. Anyway, the Minnesota Twins just announced they hired Ron Gardenhire as a special assistant to GM Terry Ryan.

Gardenhire was one of those managerial firings that no one really wanted to make but everyone sort of felt like they had to because, heck, the team wasn’t going anyplace. The Twins still liked him. He never lost his clubhouse that we know of. Sometimes you just gotta make a change. In fact, I’m kind of surprised that he wasn’t already employed with the team someplace. Part of me thought that he just kept showing up like Milton from “Office Space” and this hiring announcement was someone “fixing the glitch” as it were, only this time in Milton’s favor.

All of this reminds me of one of my favorite baseball stories. In 1981 the Braves finished fifth and owner Ted Turner fired Bobby Cox. At the post-firing press conference, a reporter asked Turner who his top candidate was to replace Cox. Turner said, “It would be Bobby Cox if I hadn’t just fired him. We need someone like him around here.” Life just works like that sometimes.

Welcome back, Ron.