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David Ortiz rips Donald Trump a new one on immigration


Jorge L. Ortiz of USA Today sat down with David Ortiz for a recent interview. In it, Ortiz talked about Donald Trump and his comments about immigrants and immigration in the past year or so. He is quite understandably not a fan:

“When you speak like that about us, it’s a slap in the face. I walk around sometimes, and I see Mexican people trying to earn a living in an honest way. And to hear somebody make those kinds of comments, it hits you . . . As Latin people we deserve respect, no matter where you’re from. And especially our Mexican brothers, who come here willing to do all the dirty work.”

Ortiz went on to talk about how, whoever comes here, from wherever they come, does so with a single goal, and that’s to realize the American Dream. It’s not at all difficult, it would seem, to be able to appreciate that and respect the dignity of those who want to make their lives better even if reasonable people can disagree about the laws which should apply to those seeking to come here.

Ortiz became a U.S. citizen in 2008. In my view he understands and appreciates what it is to be an American far better than a lot of natural born and self-proclaimed patriots.


Matt Duffy out for the season following achilles surgery

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Bad news for the Rays: shortstop/3B Matt Duffy is going to be shut down this week to undergo season-ending surgery for his left Achilles injury.

Duffy has been bothered by the injury for most of the season and, with the Rays going nowhere, better to do it now than to wait for the offseason. As it is now, the Rays believe he’ll be ready for spring training next year.

Duffy, acquired from the Giants at the deadline, has hit .276/.300/.355 in 21 games for the Rays. Overall he finishes the year with a .258/.310/.357 line.

Video: Francisco Lindor’s sweet swim slide


Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor hit a double against the Astros last night. He was called out at first, however, because the throw from the outfield beat him to the bag. Most of the time that happens, yeah, the guy is out.

Lindor is not just any guy, though. He pulled a Michael Phelps — or maybe it was a Ryan Lochte? — and put a nice swim move on Jose Altuve, who was waiting to apply the tag. On review, the correct call was made and Lindor was safe at second: