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And That Happened: Monday’s scores and highlights


Here are the scores. Here are the highlights:

Diamondbacks 9, Braves 8: The Dbacks front office is under fire, brought into focus by the fact that the Braves, who have repeatedly fleeced said front office in the past year, are in town. On the field, however, it was all good last night as Paul Goldschmidt hit a long walkoff homer to give the Snakes the win. It would’ve been fitting if, right after, Dave Stewart traded Goldschmidt and Zack Greinke to Atlanta for Jeff Francoeur and cash considerations, but he somehow resisted the urge.

Indians 1, Athletics 0: Carlos Carrasco shut the A’s out for eight innings, Andrew Miller handled the ninth and thus Carlos Santana‘s eighth inning solo homer was all the Tribe needed. In other news, as an homage to Billy Butler, Danny Valencia and the A’s, I punched Bill Baer in the side of the head last night after he told my bosses at NBC that I watched Olympic team handball on the BBC stream instead of on a company network. Beyond admitting that, what happens in the clubhouse stays in the clubhouse.

Dodgers 18, Reds 9: Adrian Gonzalez went deep one, two, three times, ah, ha, ha, and drove in eight runs. Made Joey Votto‘s 3-for-6, 4 RBI look like nothin’. Corey Seager and Andrew Toles combined to go 6-for-10 with 7 RBI themselves. The game took four hours. It was a nice day in Ohio yesterday, though. Low humidity, mild temperatures and clear, haze-free skies. Maybe everyone just wanted to stay outside and run around.

Brewers 4, Rockies 2: Jimmy Nelson was solid while his counterpart, Chad Bettis, issued seven walks, which ain’t ever gonna do a pitcher any good. He also gave up Chris Carter‘s 30th homer on the year. Carter also leads the NL in strikeouts with 156 and has a .224 average, making him the most 2016 player there is.

Orioles 4, Nationals 3: Stop me if you’ve heard this one, but Mark Trumbo hit a homer. A two-run shot that broke a 2-2 tie in the fourth and proved to provide the winning margin. Trumbo has 12 hits in the month of August. Eight of them have been homers, including his last seven straight. I dedicate this to you, Mark:

Astros 3, Pirates 1: Doug Fister pitched seven scoreless innings and rookie Teoscar Hernandez hit a two-run homer. Alex Bregman, also a rookie, hit a homer. The Astros are eight games out in the West and 3.5 back, but with five teams ahead of them, for the Wild Card. They’re not dead yet but the outlook is somewhat dire. Perhaps it’s not too early to start being happy when future regulars start producing for the very sake of the future.

Red Sox 6, Rays 2: David Price has not had the year many had hoped for, but here he was aces, tossing eight shutout innings and striking out eight as the Sox move into a first place tie in the AL East. This spectacular catch from Andrew Benintendi certainly helped.

Mariners 7, Yankees 5Mike Zunino and Kyle Seager each hit a three-run homer and Nelson Cruzadded a solo shot. For the Yankees, Starlin Castro and rookie catcher Gary Sanchez each hit two homers. The M’s homers prevailed here, but I fully expect the New York papers are already talking up Sanchez like the second coming of Bill Dickey this morning.

Cubs 5, Padres 1Kris Bryant, Addison Russell and Jason Heyward homered while Jon Lester allowed only one run in six innings while striking out eight. Anthony Rizzo didn’t homer but he got four hits to raise his batting line to .301/.399/.566. Bryant’s is .299/.390/.568. It’d be amazing if those two finished with identical lines. It’s certainly possible that they could.

Edwin Encarnacion sued for battery over STD allegations

Associated Press

TMZ is reporting that Blue Jays DH Edwin Encarnacion has been sued for battery. The allegations involve the plaintiff’s claim that Encarnacion knowingly transmitted STDs to her. She says Encarnacion claimed he was clean and that they had unprotected sex. She claims that Encarnacion knew he was carrying STDs. She is seeking $11.5 million in damages.

Sometimes such suits are negligence suits, where the plaintiff claims that the defendant didn’t take the proper precautions to prevent the spread of the STD or, maybe, didn’t reasonable act to see if he had a disease. This suit is a battery suit, though, which essentially argues that Encarnacion intentionally or, more likely, recklessly spread the disease. Battery suits in such cases are more common. As such it is not, on its face, a frivolous suit. The facts will determine where this goes and how far.

As far as the $11.5 million: it’s rare for STD transmittal cases to result in large damages or to invoke large damages claims unless the disease is incurable, such as herpes and certain types of genital warts, or potentially fatal such as HIV or AIDS. Which is not to say that any of that is present or claimed in the current allegations — the specific disease is unnamed — just that these cases tend not to go far or to bring large economic returns unless they do. No one is commenting about it all, obviously, and any sort of speculation in that regard is obviously ignorant speculation.

If you want more details on it, TMZ has some, but that’s between you and TMZ.

The Pirates sign David Freese to a two-year extension


The Pittsburgh Pirates have signed 3B/1B David Freese to a two-year contract extension with a club option for 2019. No word yet on the financials.

Freese is not exactly someone you’d expect to get a multi-year deal in the middle of a dang season. He has been a solid if unspectacular corner bat the past few years and has proven to be a nice offseason pickup for the Pirates on a one-year, $3 million deal, hitting .276/.355/.437 with 12 home runs and 49 RBI in 107 games. Still, players like him tend to have to go out on the market each winter and don’t get multi-year contracts as often as they did a decade ago. This could be a very good deal for both parties depending on the terms, but its very existence is something of an unexpected gift of job security for a veteran player.

Of course the Pirates have some uncertainty in their infield, with Jung Ho Kang on the disabled list and under a legal cloud, so signing Freese is as much insurance policy as anything else.