Author: Craig Calcaterra

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The Cubs think Jon Lester is going back to Boston


Take this with a grain of salt because (a) a team may have an ulterior motive in communicating its free agent game to the public than merely telling it how it is; and (b) the Cubs have been the subject of some conventional wisdom that has not been borne out; and (c) unexpected things often happen. Yet, this is still notable, I believe:

It’s certainly possible. And I don’t think that the excitement surrounding the Cubs at the moment necessarily translates to big time free agents making that their first choice yet. So, no, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if there were some legs to this.

Pablo Sandoval wants respect

Chicago Cubs v San Francisco Giants

As Pablo Sandoval takes his offseason tour to Boston, his brother/agent had this to say about what the third baseman is looking for:

In an interview with Ch. 7, Sandoval’s brother and co-agent Michael Sandoval said his client is looking for respect.

“It can be Red Sox, can be any other uniform,” Michael Sandoval said. “The good part of this is he’ll get a chance to explore his value on the market, see who can really appreciate him and his work.”

Having watched free agents make the rounds over the years, “respect” tends to mean “the biggest contract,” so in this way he’s not unlike most free agents.

But I do wonder if some of the stuff from the Giants about his weight over the years irks him. It’s easy to forget about it in the afterglow of the World Series, but Sandoval may believe that he has been treated a bit like a child over the years in San Francisco. I’m not saying that’d be a rational thing — he’s an athlete and it’s not unreasonable for a team to have expectations about the shape its athletes keep themselves in — but it has been pretty public and maybe that bugs him.

Post trade spin from Jason Heyward and John Hart

Jason Heyward AP

The Jason Heyward trade makes sense for the Braves if they don’t feel like they could sign him long term. It makes far less sense if it was realistic for them to extend him. So, of course, we have some dueling quotes about that in the aftermath. First from Jason Heyward, talking about his mindset following his last go-around in arbitration:

“I wanted our next conversation to be about me possibly being in Atlanta for a long time. And that conversation never came about. So I took it as, that’s not what they wanted to happen.”

Here’s John Hart:

“He wanted a two-year deal and wasn’t interested in a long-term extension unless the dollars were maybe beyond where the club certainly wanted to go.  We had a strong feeling he was going to go on the market.  That’s what he wanted to do.  We wanted to protect ourselves and position ourselves better.”

This is probably each side talking past each other. I think Heyward is right that, if the Braves wanted to do a long term deal, it was incumbent upon them to approach him, and he said they hadn’t. At the same time, the Braves front office didn’t just fall off the turnip truck, and after doing multiple long-term deals with young players like Freddie Freeman, if they had any sense that Heyward would be willing to do something like that, they likely would’ve pressed the matter.

Doesn’t matter what anyone wants now, though. He gone.

Joe Maddon likes his potential replacements

Joe Maddon

On Friday Joe Maddon offered his view of the guy whose job he took, saying he wanted to be “friends” with Rick Renteria. Over the weekend he offered his view of the people the team he left is interviewing to take his place:

“They’ve created a wonderful list, they really have,” Maddon said. “They’ve given themselves an opportunity to interview some really qualified people and make a typically very good Rays decision at the end of the day. I really believe that. You know it’s going to be well thought out, and they’re going to select a solid candidate to lead.”

With the caveat that I like Joe Maddon as much as the next guy, can we observe that maybe no one in Tampa Bay wants to hear his view about that just yet, just as Rick Renteria may not want to be his friend just yet? Yes, he had the right to leave his job with the Rays and yes, pending MLB’s investigation, he had the right to take the job the Cubs offered him. But maybe some folks are still a bit sensitive about all that.