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Padres owner calls the team “pathetic” “an embarrassment” and a “miserable failure”


The Padres are 20-33 and sit in last place in the NL West. They’re not just losing, though. They’re losing particularly ugly, getting blown out. Their offense is third to last in the NL and their pitching is the fifth worst in the league. On top of it all, they aren’t really in a great rebuilding posture right now, as they still have a lot of older big-name players on the roster and the payroll.

So, Ron Fowler. You own the team. What do you think of all of this? What? You told Ken Rosenthal of Fox exactly what you think of all of this? That’s grand!

“It’s been embarrassing. I don’t know how else to put it,” Fowler said. “Our performance on the road trip, 1-7, was pathetic.”

He went on to call the team a “miserable failure” and “an embarrassment.” He went on to say that he was happy with manager Andy Green and praised GM A.J. Preller for building the player development side, but noted that the big signings and trades the team made haven’t panned out.

I guess if no one is having the finger pointed at them too sharply such comments can be viewed as a passionate owner blowing off steam. But when owners blow off steam, people often get canned. Not sure working for the Padres would be a very fun thing right now.

Felix Hernandez placed on DL following an injury suffered while celebrating

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The Mariners have placed pitcher Felix Hernandez on the 15-day disabled list Wednesday because of a strained right calf.

“Wait,” you say. “When did he do that? He last pitched on Friday and he was fine when he finished the game!” That’s true, but he didn’t injure his calf pitching. He did it while celebrating all the home runs the M’s hit in yesterday’s shellacking of the Padres. Bob Dutton:

Mariners ace Felix Hernandez is heading to the 15-day disabled list after suffering a strained right calf Tuesday as he leapt from the bench to celebrate one of the club’s five home runs in a 16-4 victory over San Diego at Safeco Field.

It’s not thought to be a serious injury — the Mariners believe he’ll be back in action as soon as his DL stint, which was backdated to May 28, is up — but it’s still not a great way to lose your ace while you’re contending.

Justin Verlander: not a big fan of Marlon Byrd right now


Justin Verlander has consistently spoken out against PED users in his midst and in quite vivid and uncompromising terms. So it is no surprise that, in the wake of Marlon Byrd‘s suspension today, Verlander has an opinion.

It’s a pretty short one, though. In fact, it’s just an emoji:

In this case, it’s quite possible that Verlander is not merely mad about the ethics of cheating in the game he loves. It may be personal. For you see, Byrd hit a big, tie-breaking and ultimately game-winning homer off of Verlander back on April 22:

I’d probably post an angry face emoji if I were Verlander too. Among other things.