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Robinson Cano

Jerry Dipoto refutes the notion that Robinson Cano is unhappy


Yesterday John Harper of the Daily News reported that, according to a friend of Robinson Cano‘s, Cano is unhappy in Seattle and would like to go back to New York. Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto responded to that report, saying that it’s totally false based on his conversations with Cano and his agent:

“[Cano’s agent] reached out to let me know that did not come from Robbie and that’s not at all reflective of how he felt,” said Dipoto, who replaced former GM Jack Zduriencik two months ago. “Shortly after the season ended, I sat down with Robinson in my office for two hours and we had a great talk and I think we left with a very clear understanding of who one another might be.

There are official lines and things one says to one’s friends. Then again, there are also friends who know things and “friends” who assume things thought by others and then talk to newspapers about it too. Where all of this falls on the truth/knowledge spectrum is something none of us can ever know.

What can be known for sure is that (a) Cano had a rough season from both a health and baseball perspective; (b) Cano is a professional who knows that there is zero upside to communicating displeasure with one’s current team to the press, either directly or through surrogates; and (c) when one is productive and one’s team is winning, one feels very differently about life than if one is not productive and not winning.

In short: there could very well be truth from both sides of this little happening.

Tommy Hutton is out as the Marlins announcer


Tommy Hutton has called Marlins games for 19 seasons, but he won’t be calling a 20th: the Marlins and Fox have decided not to renew his contract. The rest of the broadcast team remains in place.

According to this story in the Miami Herald, neither the club nor Fox gave a reason for getting rid of Hutton apart from a desire to change direction. Hutton doesn’t know why he’s gone either. All that is known is that the Marlins and Fox agreed to do this jointly, which suggests displeasure on their part for some reason.

And none of us on the outside can know the reason for their displeasure. Though we can know that you’re not going to go wrong too often in life betting on “the Marlins under Jeff Loria are going to make a bad choice for selfish and irrational reasons.”

Lloyd McClendon hired to manage the Toledo Mud Hens

Lloyd McClendon

Lloyd McClendon’s unemployment didn’t last too terribly long. John Wagner of the Toldeo reports that he’s been hired to manage the Tigers’ Triple-A affiliate Toledo Mud Hens.

McClendon, of course, spent several years in the Tigers organization coaching under Jim Leyland. After Leyland stepped down and Brad Ausmus took over the Tigers, McClendon managed the Mariners for two seasons, going 163-161 in two years before being shoved out when a new baseball operations department took over. McClendon managed the Pirates once upon a time too, but that seems like eons ago.

Congrats on the gig, Lloyd. And preemptive congratulations on the, oh, four-to-six weeks you’ll likely spend as the Tigers interim manager at some point in the next year or two.