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Cole Hamels

Cole Hamels sues over after getting ripped off on $70,000 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show tickets


Ballplayers: they’re just like us. Except for that part about paying 70 grand to go to fashion shows VIP-style.

It seems that Cole Hamels was one of those. He shelled out $70,000 to a company called Cornucopia Events in order to get VIP tickets to last year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. He was supposed to get a four-night stay in a luxury hotel, a limousine with champagne, access to exclusive restaurants and goodie bags. They didn’t deliver, however. Hamels got none of his swag, he alleges, and he and his wife were denied entry to the event.

That sucks and I hope that if his allegations are true that he is victorious in his lawsuit. That said, I can’t imagine anyone wanting to shell out $70K for VIP tickets to what is, essentially, the trunk show for a Columbus, Ohio-based mid-market underwear company. They get fancy models and TV coverage and stuff, but really: it’s a company which employs a lot of my neighbors and the parents of my kid’s friends here in Boringsville, USA, just off of Morse Road near the Wal-Mart and the freeway entrance. It’s not that glamorous.

Heck, from the I-270 on-ramp at Easton Way you can see into the Victoria’s Secret building when the lights are on. It’s a warehouse. And not even a pretty one. But I guess strobe lights and boobs and things make everything fancy.

The Jeff Francoeur-Nick Swisher summit meeting we’ve been waiting for

Jeff Francoeur

Economist/author/Braves fan J.C. Bradbury made a fun observation today: with Jeff Francoeur joining Nick Swisher on the Braves roster, Atlanta now employs both a notable figure from “Moneyball” and the player who, perhaps more than anyone, personified anti-“Moneyball” circa 2005 and 2006 or so.

If you think, however, that this is some sort of clash of personalities, you’re quite mistaken. Indeed, from the moment it dawned on me that these two high-energy, enthusiastic and positive bros would be playing for the same team, I imagined their first meeting. It went down this morning and I was not disappointed:

Can’t wait for the 2016 Atlanta Bros season to get underway.

Josh Collmenter is teaching the Dbacks physics

Josh Collmenter

If you think pitcher fielding practice would get boring for you if you were on a big league roster, imagine showing up to spring training and sitting through a physics lecture.

That’s what the Dbacks are doing. At least some of them. And, to be fair, they’re doing it voluntarily, so it’s probably interesting to them at least. The most interesting part, however, is who is teaching it: pitcher Josh Collmenter.

Collmenter has some decent intellectual credentials. He was the salutatorian of his high school class and went to Central Michigan University. I can’t find what he studied there, but according to Nick Piecoro of the Arizona Republic, Collmenter spent part of yesterday going over Newtonian physics, relativity and buoyancy, among other topics, so I’m assuming science was his bag:

“We were sitting around talking about some history stuff and (I was) like, ‘I’m just going to start teaching you guys things,’” said Collmenter.

So he did, at a dry erase board:

Go read Piecoro’s story to see the funny swipe he took at position players too. Based on that I assume he’d prefer that they don’t think as they can only hurt the ballclub. The pitchers can think, though.