Author: Craig Calcaterra

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The Royals asked a fan in Marlins gear to change his shirt last night. He refused.


I’m sure you noticed the guy behind home plate during Game 1 last night wearing the bright orange Miami Marlins gear. His name is Laurence Leavy, and he’s a lawyer from Miami who makes a point of (a) getting expensive seats to sporting events; and (b) wearing his Marlins gear while sitting in them.

It seems the Royals noticed him too and did their best to try to get him to change his clothes. As the Miami Herald reports, Levy told them to pound sand:

“The owner of the Royals was extremely upset that I was there,” Leavy said.

They offered him a private suite if he would move.

They tried enticing him with free World Series goodies if he would get rid of the orange jersey.

No way, Marlins Man said.

He paid $8,000 for that primo seat and he wasn’t about to give it up.

We saw a story like this last year when the Diamondbacks tried to entice a fan clad in Dodgers gear at Chase Field to change clothes too. It was the same deal: better seats if they wouldn’t change and free gear and drinks if they did. In that case the fan changed. Based on how many big ticket sporting events he goes to, Leavy does not seem to be hurting for money, so he declined.

Personally: I’d change. Hell, I wear stuff from teams I don’t root for all the time, either to get a different fan experience or, in some cases, to troll people. If someone wants to give me free stuff or a beer, just show me the way to the changing room.

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Couple bets a baby on the outcome of the World Series

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If you think the woman whose boyfriend said he’d get her a dog if the Royals won the Wild Card game was weird, get a load of this:

Glad to see that they’re putting serious thought and consideration about bringing a person into the world and not, you know, doing it on a lark or anything.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to call my mom and ask her if she and my old man had a wager over the A’s-Reds series in 1972.

The Phillies are thought to be front runners for Yasmany Tomas

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Cuban outfielder Yasmany Tomas was declared a free agent a few weeks ago and there has been no shortage of interest in him. The Padres have worked him out twice and many other teams such as the Tigers, Giants and Rangers are said to be in the mix. But Andy Martino of the Daily News reports that “people involved in the process” say that the Phillies are “strong contenders.”

They should at least be trying to. With the minor league cupboard mostly bare of quality bats, Tomas would be a big, necessary get for Philly. Of course to get him they’ll really need to pony up. It is speculated that he’ll command around $100 million. Still, he’s only 23 and could help stabilize the Phillies’ outfield for some time.


Ruben Amaro expects A.J. Burnett to be back next season

A.J. Burnett

Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro said yesterday that he expects A.J. Burnett to return next season.

Burnett has gone back and forth, sometimes talking about retiring, sometimes talking about coming back. But the $12.75 million option he has would be hard for him to walk away from. He had a bad 2014 — he posted a 4.59 ERA and 190/96 K/BB ratio over 213 and two-thirds innings — but those 200 innings have value, especially for a team like Philly who, at the moment, you don’t figure to be terribly competitive next year.