Author: Craig Calcaterra

Cole Hamels

The Padres are said to have made “an aggressive offer” for Cole Hamels


Ken Rosenthal reports that the San Diego Padres made an “aggressive offer” to the Phillies for lefty Cole Hamels before pivoting to James Shields.

That comes in the course of his column about Hamels and the Phillies. He doesn’t say exactly what the offer consisted of, but you have to assume it included at least one of the Padres top prospects, which include pitcher Matt Wisler, catcher Austin Hedges and outfielder Hunter Renfroe. Rosenthal says, however, that it’s possible the Phillies don’t consider those guys — or some combination of one of those guys and others — as enough to satisfy the Phillies.

I dunno. There has been a lot of talk about how the Phillies “must move Hamels now!” lately. I’m sort of not buying it. He’s going to be really attractive to contenders as the season wares on. Someone will pony up for him, I bet.

Apparently, A-Rod should have no goals, no confidence in himself and should shut up

Alex Rodriguez Getty

Last week we linked the story in which Alex Rodriguez allegedly told Barry Bonds that he was gunning for his home run record. Besides a brief smile, either genuine or sardonic, that shouldn’t have inspired much emotion in anyone. For one thing, it was probably just a little bit of ribbing/jest between a couple of athletes. And even if it wasn’t, it’s not exactly a news flash that athletes do and say a lot of things in order to motivate themselves.

But, apparently, A-Rod should never have said such a thing because that makes him delusional and horrible and everything. From John Harper at, you guessed it, the Daily News:

But it comes on the heels of word from Barry Bonds that A-Rod recently told him he still has every intention of breaking his career home run record, which immediately makes a mockery of any notion that he is thinking rationally these days.

Never mind that his decision to work out with Bonds, the most notorious juicer of them all, was foolish enough by itself, considering that A-Rod is theoretically trying to rebuild some credibility fresh off his season-long suspension for using PEDs.

If he really thinks he can hit another 109 home runs, which is what he would need to pass Bonds’ total of 762, then A-Rod is as delusional as he was when he decided that attacking everyone in baseball was a good strategy for escaping punishment in the Biogenesis scandal . . . Talk about being out of touch.

He’s right. Athletes should have no goals and should be constantly aware of and vocal about their age, mortality and declining skills. They should not believe they can do difficult things. They should be consistent in downplaying their skills and in doubting their value as athletic performers.

Look a Michael Jordan. What made him great? That’s right, humility, lacking confidence in himself and a sense that many were greater. Take Jack Nicklaus before the 1986 Masters. Long the stories have been told about him telling everyone he met, “Christ, I’m OLD! No WAY I win this. If I were to think otherwise I’d be out of touch! And then what would the newspapers say?!”

This is Daily News we’re talking about here. They know what reality is. When they say what is realistic and what is not, by gum, everyone should listen to them.

Jackie Robinson West stripped of their U.S. Title

Little League logo

Last summer the Jackie Robinson West little league team from Chicago made a lot of headlines for (a) winning the U.S. portion of the Little League World Series; and (b) being the first all-African-American team to do so. Now that title has been stripped:

Little League Baseball has stripped the U.S. championship from the Chicago-based Jackie Robinson West team and has suspended the coach for violating a rule prohibiting the use of players who live outside the geographic area that the team represents, it was announced Wednesday.

The Jackie Robinson West team, the first all-African-American team to win the championship, must vacate wins from the 2014 Little League Baseball International Tournament — including its Great Lakes Regional and United States championships.

The coach and the district manager have been removed from their jobs after having been found to have falsified boundary maps and putting together players who would not have otherwise been eligible for the same team. The title now goes to Mountain Ridge Little League of Las Vegas, which is the team that beat Mo’ne Davis and the South Philadelphia Taney Dragons before falling to Jackie Robinson West.

In other news, adults have been ruining youth sports on a pretty consistent basis since the advent of youth sports.